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Hilton Sued for Stealing Info From Rival

Starwood claims purloined plans used to copy W luxury hotels

(Newser) - Starwood Hotels is accusing archrival Hilton of using stolen documents to build its new luxury brand in record time, Marketwatch reports. Starwood—which says the pilfered information amounts to a "blueprint" for building a luxury chain like the successful W hotels—is suing Hilton and two ex-Starwood execs for... More »

Hotels Suited to Campaign Trail

Whether in a swing state or a fave with young Hollywood, Obama and McCain can rest easy

(Newser) - Following the flurry of political press linked to hotel heiress and partier-in-chief Paris Hilton, campaign accommodation now requires serious vetting. Travel + Leisure plays candidate concierge, offering lodging suggestions for the presidential hopefuls:
  • Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas: For John McCain, red-friendly name and removed from the sinful Strip. For
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9 Hotels With Incredible Perks

At these lodgings, you can expect more than a mint on your pillow

(Newser) - Some hotels will go out of their way to guarantee guests a memorable experience. Forbes Traveler picks nine that break into "outrageous" territory:
  1. Helicopter transfers, Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi, Brazil
  2. Sleep concierge, The Benjamin, New York City
  3. Custom scents, Palazzo Magnani Feroni, Florence
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Hilton Grandpa Empties Paris' Purse

Jailbird loses 'heir' in 'heirhead,' kisses $60M goodbye: report

(Newser) - Paris Hilton's grandfather, the only family member still bankrolled by the hotel chain, has reportedly put the kibosh on her $60 million inheritance, the Daily Telegraph of Australia says. Long red-faced over his granddaughter’s antics, 79-year-old Barron Hilton was sent over the top by her recent jail sentence and... More »

Top 10 DC Hotels for Hookers

Ananysis of DC Madam's phone records generates a mini-travel guide

(Newser) - Direct from the phone records of the so-called DC Madam, Deborah Palfrey, here are the most-dialed local lodgings—or what the Consumerist calls the "Top 10 Most 'Ho-Friendly' DC Hotels."
  1. Marriott: 489 (18 numbers)
  2. Hyatt: 168 (6 numbers)
  3. Hilton: 151 (5 numbers)
  4. Holiday Inn: 132 (5 numbers)
  5. Ritz-Carlton:
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