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On 1st Day, 911 Operator Takes Call About Her Dad

Crystal Morrow recognized her aunt's voice on the line

(Newser) - Crystal Morrow was just four hours into her first day working solo as a 911 operator in Georgia when she took a call—and heard a familiar voice. It was her aunt, who had called 911 because Morrow's dad went into diabetic shock. "I heard her voice and... More »

Newtown 911 Tapes Released

Dispatchers are calm, ask about kids

(Newser) - Newtown officials today released the long-awaited—and controversial—recordings of the 911 calls that came in during the Sandy Hook shooting. Operators remain calm on the recordings, the AP reports, even as they seek help from state police and town officials. They urge the callers, who include a janitor and... More »

Judge Orders Release of Sandy Hook 911 Calls

Barring a successful appeal, they'll be released Dec. 4

(Newser) - The 911 calls made during the Sandy Hook shooting will be unsealed next Wednesday, unless an appeal of the ruling proves successful. A Connecticut judge yesterday ordered their release, backing a Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission move despite opposition from state attorney Stephen Sedensky. The AP reports that it has... More »

Texting Dispatcher Suspended After 911 Death

Then she allegedly pulled gun on reporter

(Newser) - Police in Florida have charged a 911 dispatcher with pointing a gun at the head of a reporter who came to her door for an interview, reports the Orlando Sentinel . But that's only the half of it. The reason the reporter went to the home of Shauna Justice is... More »

911 Operator Laughs at Report of Girlfriend on Fire

Says she wasn't chuckling at what he said

(Newser) - Imagine being in one of the most terrifying positions of your life and calling 911—only to hear laughter at the other end. In what he terms a 'freak accident,' Lalo Delgado’s girlfriend caught on fire while driving, and he's not happy about the response he... More »

Zimmerman's Wife Not Pressing Charges

Despite telling cops he threatened her with gun

(Newser) - Despite calling 911 and saying her soon-to-be-ex-husband George Zimmerman was threatening her with a gun today, Shellie Zimmerman has decided not to press charges. Police in Lake Mary, Florida, say she and her father—the owner of the house where the incident took place—have signed paperwork declining to press... More »

Detroit's Pokey 911 Dispatchers May Face Charges

Woman shot; another stabbed to death amid slow response times

(Newser) - Detroit 911 dispatchers were slow to send cops during two recent emergencies that ended in tragedy; now, police are mulling criminal charges for the dispatchers. Last week, a woman called 911 multiple times as an argument turned dangerous, her mother says. Police say there were six calls in total; it... More »

Domestic Violence Victims Can Face Eviction for Dialing 911

The dark side to 'nuisance' ordinances

(Newser) - When Lakisha Briggs' violent boyfriend showed up at her door last year, fresh from a prison stint related to their last fight, calling 911 and kicking him out was not an option, she tells the New York Times . Why? Because Norristown, Pennsylvania, where she lived, has a law that means... More »

Man Butt-Dials 911 While Discussing Murder Plans

Scott Simon charged with first-degree murder after Waffle House dispute

(Newser) - You know that person at the top of your contact list, the one most likely to get an unintended call from your butt? Well, if you're the murderous type, make sure that number isn't 911. This lesson comes too late for Scott Simon, who unintentionally dialed 911 while... More »

Woman Calls 911, Asks for Divorce

She did end up getting something: a disorderly conduct citation

(Newser) - Call it an emergency of the heart: Police have cited a 42-year-old Pennsylvania woman for disorderly conduct after she called 911 requesting a divorce and police assistance to make her husband leave. Troopers say the woman called just after 1am Saturday asking that officers be sent to her home in... More »

New Focus in Chandra Levy Case: 911 Call

Defense asks judge for tape referencing 'blood-curdling scream'

(Newser) - More new developments in the Chandra Levy murder case : The defense for Ingmar Guandique yesterday asked a judge to order the prosecution to release the tape of a 911 call made by a resident of Levy's apartment building on the day Levy vanished. In it, a person reports hearing... More »

911 Dispatcher Sends Own Mom to Rescue Kayaker

Washington state mom kayaked to woman's rescue

(Newser) - A 911 dispatcher in Washington state who received a call about a stranded kayaker knew somebody who could get there faster than a patrol boat—her mom. Dispatcher Raedyn Grasseth contacted her mother, an experienced kayaker who lived near the area where the 45-year-old woman was stranded, and she came... More »

Roommate's 911 Call May Have Stopped UCF Shooter

Seevakumaran brandished gun at him

(Newser) - Police say we may have James Oliver Seevakumaran's roommate to thank for averting a shooting spree . Just before Seevakumaran pulled his dorm fire alarm yesterday he pointed a gun at his roommate, who ran, hid in a bathroom, and dialed 911, authorities tell Fox News . University of Central Florida... More »

Nurse Won't Give CPR, Elderly Woman Dies

911 dispatcher in Bakersfield, Calif., pleads for help

(Newser) - A nurse at a senior living facility north of Los Angeles refused to administer CPR to an 87-year-old woman who was hardly breathing—and who later died, the LA Times reports. "It’s a human being," pleaded Bakersfield fire dispatcher Tracey Halvorson on a 911 tape recorded this... More »

Boy Calls 911 to Avoid Bedtime

Officer dispatched to tell him not to do that

(Newser) - Police in Massachusetts say a 10-year-old boy called 911 because he didn't want to go to bed. Brockton police say the boy called just after 8 last night and told the dispatcher he was calling to report his mother because he did not want to go to bed. There... More »

Drunk Woman Busted After She Calls 911—for Cigarettes

Cops weren't really amused by her version of a joke

(Newser) - Most people with a good buzz on call Domino's for delivery, but one Texas woman thought it would be just hysterical to instead call 911 to have emergency responders deliver cigarettes to her home. For her trouble, 48-year-old Linda White, described as "very intoxicated," did indeed get... More »

Sheriff: We Did Not Intentionally Set Dorner Fire

Jim, Karen Reynolds say they first alerted police, not maids

(Newser) - Though authorities are unable to "absolutely, positively confirm" that the burned body found in Big Bear cabin is that of Christopher Dorner, they "believe the investigation is over at this point," says Sheriff John McMahon. McMahon also yesterday asserted that police did not intentionally burn down the... More »

Zimmerman Sues NBC Over 911 Tape Edits

Recording made him look 'racist,' 'predatory': suit

(Newser) - As expected , George Zimmerman is suing NBCUniversal for defamation over its edits to a 911 recording that emerged after Trayvon Martin was killed. The edits make Zimmerman look like a "racist, predatory villain," according to the suit. The edited recording, which the suit says intentionally caused emotional distress,... More »

Belcher's Baby Wails in Wrenching 911 Call

Also, did Belcher have another girlfriend?

(Newser) - Police released the 911 phone call made by Jovan Belcher 's mother in the moments after the linebacker fatally shot his girlfriend, and it's as wrenching as you'd expect. "Oh my God. Oh my God. Cassie," Cheryl Shepherd sobs over the wails of Belcher's... More »

Cops: Woman Locked Out of Car Calls 911, Lies About Trapped Baby

Police were not happy

(Newser) - Today's police blotter provides a lesson in what not to do when locked out of your car: Do not call 911 and make up a story about an infant trapped inside so the cops will arrive faster. Because they will arrive faster, but then they won't be happy... More »

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