Bubbles the Chimp

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Like Most Humans, Jacko's Bubbles Retired in Fla.

(Newser) - He sat in the studio as the "Bad" album was recorded, dined with countless celebrities, and was once perhaps the world's most famous chimp. But like so many oldsters, today Michael Jackson's onetime pal Bubbles lives a quiet life in the retirement haven of Florida, reports the Miami Herald.... More »

Whatever Happened to Jacko's Bubbles?

Bubbles was Jackson's infamous "bosom pal," but where is he now?

(Newser) - In the wake of Michael Jackson’s death, Neal Rubin of the Detroit News wondered: Whatever happened to Bubbles the chimpanzee? “For a while, Bubbles appeared to be Jackson’s best friend, which was sort of sad for both of them,” Rubin writes. The odd coupling lasted from... More »

2 Stories