alligator gar

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Once-Reviled 'Freak' Fish Gets a New Mission

Alligator gar being restocked to go after Asian carp

(Newser) - It's a toothy giant that can grow longer than a horse and heavier than a refrigerator, a fearsome-looking prehistoric fish that plied US waters from the Gulf of Mexico to Illinois until it disappeared from many states a half-century ago. Persecuted by anglers and deprived of places to spawn,... More »

Monster Fish Becomes Hunters' Fave

(Newser) - Fish don’t get much uglier than the alligator gar, but lately the dinosaur-like monstrosity has attracted a following… of crossbow-wielding sportsmen trying to kill it, the Wall Street Journal reports. Part fishing, part monster hunting, bagging an alligator gar is a thrilling exercise, and at up to 8 feet... More »

2 Stories