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New Sony Walkman Will Run You $3,200

'Sony's out of its mind'

(Newser) - How much would you pay for a Sony Walkman? Now double it. You're still not even close. Engadget reports Sony unveiled a $3,200 Walkman during IFA 2016 Thursday in Berlin. Or as Mashable puts it: "Sony's out of its mind." The new NW-WM1Z is meant... More »

Sony Most Successful at ... Selling Insurance

Its devices are a money-losing operation

(Newser) - Walkman, Trinitron, PlayStation: In the US, we know Sony as a longtime player in the electronics world. But its electronics arm has lost $8.5 billion over the past decade, the New York Times reports. In fact, the driver of its current success is its insurance business, which doesn't... More »

On iPod's Birthday, Sony Stops Making Walkmans

OK, one day before iPod's birthday, but still...

(Newser) - Almost exactly nine years to the day after Apple started selling the iPod, Sony announced it will stop making and selling its classic Walkman. The portable cassette player wasn’t an overnight sensation when it was introduced in 1979, but gained must-have status by the 1980s and ultimately sold 200... More »

Walkman Turns 30; Sony Isn't Celebrating

(Newser) - The Walkman turns 30 today, but Sony isn’t exactly celebrating, writes Peter Kafka of All Things Digital. Apart from a special exhibit at Sony’s archive in Tokyo—which seems more like a funeral than a birthday party—Sony’s letting the milestone pass quietly. The device has been... More »

4 Stories