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Iranian Clerks Warned to Dress Mannequins in Hijabs

Shopkeepers also told to hide curves

(Newser) - Iranian shopkeepers have been ordered to dress female mannequins in Muslim hijab head scarves,  and to keep any curves strictly under wraps, reports the BBC. The edict is part of a continuing crackdown on "Western style" dress. The sale of bowties and neck ties, as well as the... More »

Alleged Beer Thief Won't Go to Jail Before Finishing Drink

Now faces charges of shoplifting and battery

(Newser) - A Florida man who wanted to go to jail for "three hots and a cot" walked into a store, grabbed a beer, and told the clerk to "call the law" because he had no money. All went according to plan until the deputy who responded tried to... More »

France May Ease Century-Old Ban on Sunday Shopping

(Newser) - France's Senate next week is expected to overturn a century-old law prohibiting most businesses in the country from opening on Sundays, CNN reports. The 1906 measure was intended to ensure a day of rest for the populace, and parties on the left and the right have been vocal in their... More »

3 Stories