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Sprint Shows Off Superfast 4G Phone

Evo boasts screen with high-definition video capacity

(Newser) - Racing to solidify its lead in next-generation wireless technology, Sprint Nextel yesterday unveiled the Evo, the first US phone able to tap into 4G networks. Equipped with two cameras and running on the latest version of Android, Evo stands out for its 4.3-inch screen, which is able to handle... More »

TSA's Favorite Dog Foods

(Newser) - Want your household guardian to perform up to federal standards? Check out the brands the Transportation Security Administration prefers for its bomb-sniffing dogs, via US News & World Report:
  • Hills Science Diet: Including the Adult and Active K9 versions.
  • Canidae: Lamb & Rice formula in particular.
  • California Natural: Choosy feds
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2 Stories