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Elon Musk Offers First Look at SpaceX's Spacesuit

'Very white and very spacey' is one critique

(Newser) - In between dating actresses and fending off future killer robots , Elon Musk is hard at work as the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and he just made a big announcement regarding the latter. Musk posted on Instagram early Wednesday the first official photo of the SpaceX spacesuit, which he noted... More »

NASA Goes With 'Tron-Like' Design for Next Spacesuit

Public got a chance to vote on new look

(Newser) - It's time for Tron. NASA has announced the results of a public vote for its next-generation spacesuit design, and with more than 60% of 200,000 votes, the "Technology" option won. NASA says that it's "laser-focused" on heading to Mars and that this new Z-series of... More »

Spacewalk Cut Short After Suit Malfunctions

(Newser) - Two astronauts had to abruptly end their spacewalk outside the International Space Station when mission control operators realized one of them had a spacesuit glitch, reports. Astronaut Chris Cassidy, making his first spacewalk, was told to abandon his battery replacement work on the station because carbon dioxide levels... More »

3 Stories