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Trip to Barber Helps Black Men With Common Health Ailment

Experiment adds blood pressure treatment to the mix

(Newser) - Trim your hair, your beard, your blood pressure? Black men reduced one of their biggest medical risks through a novel project that shows the power of familiar faces and trusted places to improve health, per the AP . The project had pharmacists work with dozens of Los Angeles barbershops to test... More »

Dear White People, 'Please Don't Shoot Me'

Eugene Robinson has to ask out of desperation

(Newser) - First George Zimmerman. Now Michael Dunn , who escaped a murder charge after killing a black teenager who was playing music loudly. The killing of black men in America doesn't seem to faze the nation, so Eugene Robinson is resorting to this plea: "Please don't shoot me,"... More »

Interracial Marriage a Black Guy Thing

Black women less likely to marry another race

(Newser) - Black men are much bigger fans of interracial marriage than black women, according to a new study. About 22% of black men who got married in 2008 walked down the aisle with a woman of a different race, compared to just 9% of black women, the study found. “When... More »

Morehouse Bans Students in Drag

College's new dress code has unusual stipulation

(Newser) - Morehouse College insists that the "image of the strong black man needs to be upheld," and that most definitely involves not dressing up like a strong black woman. The school's new dress code has the usual stuff like banning do-rags and lewd T-shirts. But it also includes a... More »

Black, Gay Lit Trailblazer E. Lynn Harris Dead at 54

(Newser) - Author E. Lynn Harris, who offered a glimpse into the secret lives of closeted gay black men, died last night at 54, the AP reports. His publicist says the cause is unknown, and that Harris suddenly took ill just days ago. An autopsy will be performed next week. Harris was... More »

5 Stories