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Pet Owners Fuming Over Doggie DNA Request

Florida condo association aims to curb pet poop

(Newser) - Some Florida condo owners are steaming after their homeowners association asked them to submit their dog's DNA in order to fine owners who don't pick up after their pets. Residents of Harbor Landing in Destin, Fla., said they received a letter last week and some feel it's... More »

Man Adopts Shelter Dog, Is Killed by It Within Hours

Rottweiler mauls Tennessee man just 5 days after coming off the streets

(Newser) - A Tennessee man whose ex-wife says "related to dogs better than to people" was killed by a stray dog he adopted, the same day he took it home from an animal shelter, the Jackson Sun reports. Anthony Riggs, 57, left the Madison County Rabies Control facility on Thursday with... More »

Your Chewing Gum Is Making Your Dog Sick

Common sugar substitute xylitol can even be fatal to pups

(Newser) - If Snopes and scientific studies aren't enough, perhaps reports at the Wall Street Journal , CBS News , and Nature World News can sway you: A sugar substitute found in chewing gum and other everyday food and household items can make dogs sick and even kill them. Veterinary experts say xylitol—... More »

Having a Dog Could Make Your Kids Healthier

Exposure to dogs, farm animals in early childhood cuts risk of asthma

(Newser) - In perhaps the largest study of its kind, researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden are reporting in the journal JAMA Pediatrics that early childhood exposure to dogs and farm animals is linked to lower asthma rates. The team was uniquely poised to study the question in Sweden, where every citizen... More »

Is a New Species Taking Over North America?

Dogs, wolves, and coyotes produce one impressive animal

(Newser) - A potential new species—a coyote souped up with wolf and dog DNA that some are calling the "coywolf"—is spreading throughout eastern North America in a phenomenon the Economist says is "astonishing." Scientists believe coywolves got their start a century or two ago when struggling... More »

Scientists Figure Out Origin of Man's Best Friend

Doggy DNA traces origins to Central Asia 15K years ago

(Newser) - Your best pal may have come a long way to curl up at your feet: A new DNA study of more than 5,000 dogs from 38 countries finds they probably originated in Central Asia, or Mongolia and Nepal more specifically, at least 15,000 years ago, reports the BBC... More »

Hot Cars Are Also Killing Police Dogs

Faulty AC units, human negligence are factors in these preventable deaths: experts

(Newser) - A BuzzFeed investigation this year found at least 29 US police dogs had died of heatstroke in their handlers' cars over the past seven years. But a new analysis of 619 deaths since 2011 by the Green Bay Press-Gazette raises that number to at least 46 dogs, with 18 others... More »

Reporter Reunites Dog With Owner After Wildfire

Thumper is safe and sound

(Newser) - A great story out of the California wildfires, as told in the first person by Associated Press reporter Brian Skoloff. He met a 76-year-old man who had been evacuated to a high school near Middletown. After five days away, Lawrence Ross was worried about his home and his dog, and... More »

Dog's Loyalty to Trapped Friend Is Heartwarming

Tillie stood guard over Phoebe for a week until help arrived

(Newser) - A heroically loyal Washington state dog pulled a Lassie this week, bringing help to an equally adorable pooch stuck at the bottom of a cistern, KING 5 reports. Tillie and Phoebe had been missing for a week Monday when a resident alerted volunteers from the Vashon Island Pet Protectors that... More »

K9 Cop Uses Leash to Save Woman

Woman was reportedly suicidal, close to falling from overpass

(Newser) - A K9 officer didn't have to rely on man's best friend to help a distressed woman on Saturday, but his police dog's leash definitely came in handy. Daren Kendrick was in the right place at the right time as a responder on the scene at a traffic... More »

Boy Searching for Lost Dog Tumbles Down 23-Foot Hole

The dog was down there, too, but Mississippi rescuers got them both out

(Newser) - Little Gabe Allbritton was with his grandmother yesterday just outside Brookhaven, Miss., when family members think he heard something he had been waiting to hear for days: the sound of his missing dog, the Clarion-Ledger reports. But when he turned to follow the sound, he suddenly disappeared, falling down a... More »

Here's Why Your Cat May Not Care When You Leave

New study shows domestic cats don't show signs of secure attachment to humans

(Newser) - There are a lot of cats in the United States. Perhaps close to 95 million live with us as pets, reports the Times-Picayune . But does our affection for these feline friends move in just one direction? New research in the journal PLoS One suggests that domesticated cats are more independent... More »

Vet Student Whose Dog Got Her Expelled Loses Lawsuit

She wanted $500K from Cornell after her dog bit another student

(Newser) - Veterinary student Karen Habitzreuther was expelled from Cornell after her rescue dog bit a fellow student in 2006. Nine years later, a judge has dismissed her $500,000 lawsuit against the university, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports. According to the New York Times , Habitzreuther, now 60, enrolled at Cornell in 2005... More »

Dog Plummets 14 Stories From High-Rise ... Into Man's Arms

Ted Nelson saved bichon frise's life after it got caught on apartment ledge

(Newser) - Call it luck, coincidence, or a lifesaving sixth sense. An Oregon man happened to glance out his apartment window Saturday morning, saw a dog precariously perched on a ledge 14 stories high in a building across the way, and took action. "There was a dog that had ended up... More »

Top 10 Dog Names in the US

But why are there so many beagles named Cadbury in Boston?

(Newser) - In honor of National Dog Day—it came and went this week—social networking site Nextdoor has released a list of the most popular dog names in America. And it appears a lot of people are still big Twilight fans. So without further ado, here are your top 10:
  1. Bella
... More »

Hiker Scalded Trying to Save Dogs From Hot Spring

2 dogs died after incident in Idaho national forest last week

(Newser) - An awful incident at a national forest in Idaho: Two dogs died and their owner was severely burned during an encounter with a hot spring in Salmon-Challis National Forest last week. Paden McCormic was walking his three dogs through the mountains near the Panther Creek Hot Springs when two of... More »

Dallas Is Struggling With Packs of Roaming Dogs

Bad pet ownership is leading to dangerous neighborhoods and a lot of dead dogs

(Newser) - Dallas has a dog problem. Packs of aggressive and starving canines roam the city's poorest neighborhoods, scaring residents and making revitalization difficult, reports the Dallas Morning News , which has been following the issue for months. Residents tell of parks where children can't play and streets where pets can'... More »

This Striking Photo Emerges From West's Wildfires

Idaho man says dogs were protecting body of fawn

(Newser) - An Idaho man has captured an indelible image in the midst of that state's wildfires: It shows a sheepdog and her two pups appearing to guard a dead fawn. "They were definitely trying to protect it," Louis Armstrong of Kamiah tells KBOI2 . "I thought it was... More »

In Cats vs. Dogs, History Answers

Cats are responsible for the extinction of 40 early canine species

(Newser) - It's official: Cats are better than dogs. Better predators, that is. So say researchers in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences after looking at more than 2,000 fossils of prehistoric cats and dogs in North America. It turns out that when cats arrived on the continent... More »

Dog, Owners Reunited— After 9 Years

Welcome home, Boozer

(Newser) - If it's not a record, it's got to be close: A Tennessee family has been reunited with a dog that went missing nine years ago, reports NBC 9 Colorado . The amazing tale of Boozer began when the Boxer disappeared from his family's yard at the age of... More »

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