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Heartwarming Photo Saves 2 Dogs' Lives

Kala and Keira were about to be put down

(Newser) - Things weren't look good for Kala and Keira, two rescue dogs in a shelter near Atlanta. They were due to be euthanized at the end of the day Tuesday—until the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Center posted an image of the two hugging on Facebook . About two hours... More »

It's Now Legal to Save Pets From Hot Cars in Tennessee

Good Samaritan law now applies to animals

(Newser) - Animal rights advocates are cheering a new law that went into effect in Tennessee at the beginning of the month that could save the lives of furry friends. Under an extension of the Good Samaritan law that allows people to break into a hot car to free a child, citizens... More »

Woman Adopts Dog, Brings Epic Joy to His Final Days

Chester enjoying hot dogs, milk baths with his new foster mom

(Newser) - Chester may be in his last days, but he's living the dream. Little is known about the terminally ill dog's life before April, when he was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Columbus, where his previous owners left him. "He wasn't in the best shape,"... More »

Town Honors Its Hero Dog

Little Leo defended a girl, paid with his life

(Newser) - Normally, Leo would run away at the sight of a bigger dog. But not on this day. When a raging bull-mastiff cross-breed attacked a 10-year-old girl last year, the small dachsund jumped to her rescue, barking and biting at the dog way above his size and strength. Leo paid with... More »

'Quasi Modo' Named World's Ugliest Dog

She excelled in categories like 'natural ugliness'

(Newser) - A 10-year-old mutt named Quasi Modo, whose spinal birth defects left her a bit hunchbacked, is the winner of this year's World's Ugliest Dog contest. The pit bull-Dutch shepherd mix and her owner took the $1,500 prize last night, besting 25 other dogs competing in the contest... More »

100 Dogs Saved From Becoming Dinner

Chinese woman forks out $1,100 at infamous Yulin festival

(Newser) - Don't like the thought of dogs being served up with lychees? Neither does Yang Xiaoyun, a 65-year-old Chinese woman who saved 100 canines from being killed and served at a dog-meat festival in southern China, AFP reports. The animal lover paid about $1,100 yesterday for the dogs in... More »

'Hero Dog' Award Goes to a Cat

But not even dogs would argue with this one

(Newser) - For the first time, a Los Angeles shelter's Hero Dog award has gone to a cat. In May 2014, Tara the cat fought off a dog that attacked her 6-year-old owner as he rode his bicycle in the driveway of the family's Bakersfield home. Tara body-slammed Scrappy, a... More »

Purina Paying Hush Money to Peeved Pet Owners?

Amended suit alleges company paying customers for silence on Beneful

(Newser) - Frank Lucido is no longer the only plaintiff in a lawsuit alleging Beneful food kills dogs. An amended complaint filed in California last week against the Nestle Purina brand has added 26 more pet owners from across the country, as well as accusations that Beneful contains toxins and that Purina... More »

Your Dog Can Tell if Someone Is Mean to You

They'll even refuse food from people who snub their owners

(Newser) - Your dog really may be your best friend, according to a new study out of Japan that highlights just how far canine loyalty can go. In a study to be published later this month in the journal Animal Behaviour , cognitive researchers at Kyoto University found that dogs will actually ignore... More »

Dying Dog Goes on Epic Bucket List Journey

New York City's Poh swims in the Pacific

(Newser) - When vets told New York City's Neil Rodriguez that his 15-year-old dog, Poh, didn't have long to live, two words came to mind: road trip. The DJ and his fiancee took Poh on a cross-country road trip over seven weeks, reports the Daily News . "I initially wanted... More »

Depp's Dogs Dodge Death— but Are They Stateless?

Yorkshire terriers faced euthanasia in Australia

(Newser) - The #WaronTerrier has ended in retreat. Johnny Depp, who sneaked his two Yorkshire terriers into Australia last month, will send his pals back to the US, according to the country's agriculture minister—on a private jet no less. Depp avoided Australia's mandatory quarantine (minimum 10 days) for pets... More »

Australia Threatens to Kill Johnny Depp's Dogs

Actor accused of sneaking Yorkshire terriers into country

(Newser) - Movie stars aren't exempt from Australia's strict quarantine laws, and Johnny Depp's Yorkshire terriers will be put down unless the actor gets them out of the country by Saturday, warns Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce. Depp is in the country filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell ... More »

Rabies From Dogs Kills 160 People a Day

First global survey finds surprising numbers, especially in Asia and Africa

(Newser) - The first worldwide survey of rabies finds some surprisingly high numbers—figure about 160 deaths a day from dog bites alone. More than a third occur in India, and about half the victims are kids. Authors of the study in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases say it's ridiculous that tens... More »

Study Uncovers the Power of 'Puppy Eyes'

A deep gaze between dog and owner boosts oxytocin levels

(Newser) - "When your dog is staring at you, she may not just be after your sandwich." That's how evolutionary anthropologists frame a new study that describes just how powerful a bond humans and dogs share. In two experiments, described in Science , both dogs and their owners saw an... More »

Dog Flu Spreading Through Midwest

Experts advise owners to keep their pups away from others

(Newser) - First it was Illinois . Now the canine dog flu that has put Chicago-area owners and veterinarians on edge has also spread to Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio, per the AP , with more than 1,000 dogs in these Midwest states sickened, the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine reports. The... More »

Flu Sickening, Killing Chicago's Dogs

Canine flu has hit 3 states so far

(Newser) - Amid a debate over vaccinations for humans , Chicago veterinarians are advising pet owners to consider vaccinating their dogs in an effort to curb a canine flu outbreak. Between January and March, the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control says five dogs died of canine infectious respiratory disease caused... More »

DNA Poop Tests Find 'Lazy' Dog Owners

BioPet Vet Lab says 1K places have used its service

(Newser) - Frustrated with dog owners who refuse to clean up after their pets, an increasing number of apartments in Seattle are opting to use DNA testing to identify the culprits. The Seattle Times reports that a company called BioPet Vet Lab from Knoxville, Tennessee, is providing its PooPrints testing kits to... More »

Quadruple Amputee Dog Can Walk Again

Brutus lost paws to frostbite, then supporters rallied

(Newser) - He's not exactly a whirlwind yet, but give him time. A 2-year-old Rottweiler in Colorado is a quadruple amputee now adjusting to four brand-new feet, reports Fox 31 . After Brutus lost all his paws to frostbite, his breeder cut them off, leaving the dog unable to get around. He... More »

Dog Bounces Back After Failed Mercy Killing

Theia dug herself out of grave, found new home

(Newser) - A community in Washington state is rallying around a year-old dog with an incredible back story: Vets say that somebody struck Theia with a car, hit her in the head with a hammer in an apparent attempt at a mercy killing, then buried in her field, reports the Spokesman-Review . Theia... More »

57 Dogs Saved From S. Korean Dog-Meat Farm

They're going up for adoption in California

(Newser) - More than 50 dogs going up for adoption in San Francisco have an unusual pedigree: All were destined to become dinner before their rescue. Two groups, Humane Society International and the Change for Animals Foundation, removed the 57 animals from a dog-meat farm in South Korea and flew them to... More »

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