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Obama, Beware: Afghanistan Is 'Another Vietnam'

Domestic issues must trump unwinnable war: Dem elder statesman

(Newser) - When George McGovern hears about President Obama's plans for Afghanistan, he reluctantly reaches an unavoidable conclusion. "I can only think: another Vietnam," the 1972 Democratic presidential nominee writes in the Washington Post . "I hope I am incorrect, but history tells me otherwise." After 9 years at... More »

Cronkite as VP? It Nearly Happened

(Newser) - A lot of things would have been better in America if Walter Cronkite had been elected vice president in 1972, writes Frank Mankiewicz in the Washington Post, and it could have happened. Mankiewicz was the political director for George McGovern’s campaign, and, “armed with a poll showing Walter... More »

2 Stories