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Yes, Pot Actually Can Make You Paranoid

Researchers find marijuana can also have other negative mental effects

(Newser) - There has long been a known association between marijuana and paranoia, but UK researchers wanted to find out if cannabis actually causes paranoia in some people—and the answer is a resounding yes, write researchers Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman in the Guardian . They studied 121 people who had taken... More »

Texan Discovers $2M Pot Farm on His Land

Someone was secretly growing 5,500 marijuana plants

(Newser) - A Texas rancher noticing suspicious activity on a remote section of his property has discovered that he was housing more than just squatters. After calling the local sheriff for help on Tuesday, the two hiked three-quarters of a mile through dense woods to get to an area inaccessible by vehicle,... More »

New Pot Fight: Medical vs. Full Legalization

'Big Marijuana' will lose money if it becomes legal everywhere

(Newser) - The pro-marijuana movement has gotten big enough to have its own internal rift. Politico takes a look at an unlikely pair of enemies—the medical marijuana camp versus the full-legalization camp. The main reason comes down to simple economics: Medical marijuana is now a lucrative, growing industry in 18 states—... More »

Potheads Really Are Slackers, Says Science

Their brains have less of motivational chemical dopamine: study

(Newser) - Smoke a lot of marijuana for a long period, and your brain may end up making less of a chemical that helps you stay motivated, scientists say. They researched 19 regular pot smokers and 19 non-smokers of matched age and sex, scanning subjects' brains to see how chemicals were distributed,... More »

For First Time, Majority Backs Legal Marijuana

Pew survey finds 52% in favor

(Newser) - The Pew Research Center has a marijuana milestone to report: Most Americans support legalizing pot for the first time in the group's 40 years of polling on the issue. The final tally was 52% to 48%, with the pro-legalization total rising 11 points in just two years. Not surprisingly,... More »

Feds Make Biggest Pot Bust in History

$12M worth of marijuana confiscated on Mexican border

(Newser) - The good news: US border agents have seized some 14,151 pounds of marijuana—thought to be the biggest seizure in history, the Los Angeles Times reports. The humorously depressing news: The 26-year-old man busted with the pot was betting he could just drive some 600 bales of it across... More »

Teen Pot Use Kills IQ? New Study Says No

Socioeconomic differences may explain earlier findings: report

(Newser) - Justin Bieber might not be as dumb as you think he is : Over the summer, word was that teen marijuana use could reduce IQ —but a new investigation rejects that initial study. Duke scientists, among others, had reviewed the IQs and pot habits of some 1,000 people in... More »

Patrick Kennedy: Just Say No to Pot

Kennedy son launching anti-marijuana group

(Newser) - When one hears of a member of an American political dynasty crusading against addictive substances, one does not immediately think "Kennedy." Yet here's Patrick Kennedy, son of Ted and a former Rhode Island congressman, who is launching an anti-pot group called Smart Approaches to Marijuana. Kennedy, who... More »

Now Banned in Amsterdam: Smoking Pot at School

Kids will just have to take their weed elsewhere

(Newser) - It's kind of amazing that this wasn't illegal already: Students will no longer be able to smoke pot in Amsterdam's schools, the city's mayor announced today. Just as amazing: It's the first city in the Netherlands to introduce such a ban, reports the AP . A... More »

Now Maine Kids in Hot Water Over Pot-Laced Treats

9 high schoolers suspended

(Newser) - Two time zones away from the pair of Colorado students who foisted pot-laced brownies on their unsuspecting college peers on Friday, some Maine high schoolers were allegedly chowing on marijuana cookies. Some of the students who ate the cookies ended up in the nurse's office, and nine Cape Elizabeth... More »

Marijuana Now Legal in Colorado

Governor had til Jan. 5 to make it so, but saw no point in waiting

(Newser) - Feeding unsuspecting classmates pot brownies still isn't legal in Colorado, but smoking pot for your own recreational use now is, after Gov. John Hickenlooper today took the purposely low-key procedural step of declaring the voter-approved change part of the state constitution. Hickenlooper, a Democrat, opposed the measure but had... More »

Students Feed Pot Brownies to Unsuspecting Class

Pranksters face prison time after classmates, professor sickened

(Newser) - Today in pranks gone wrong : Two University of Colorado students are facing some pretty serious prison time after confessing to bringing pot brownies into their history class on Friday morning and feeding them to their unsuspecting peers. Thomas Ricardo Cunningham, 21, and Mary Elizabeth Essa, 19, were arrested Saturday night... More »

Poll: If State Legalizes Pot, Feds Should Be Cool With It

But Americans still split on legalization itself

(Newser) - It's now legal to smoke pot while watching a Lord of the Rings marathon in Washington state, but questions persist over how the pot-prohibiting federal government should react. A new USA Today /Gallup poll clarifies how Americans feel about two of the biggies: Respondents remain split on the issue... More »

11K Hospitalized Over Artificial Pot Last Year

Third of ER visits from 12- to 17-year-olds: federal report

(Newser) - Nearly 11,500 people were hospitalized last year after taking synthetic drugs meant to imitate marijuana, a new federal report finds. A third of those sent to the ER were kids ages 12 to 17, while 35% were 18- to 24-year-olds. Some 59% of the cases among those aged 12... More »

Tourists Can Smoke Pot in Amsterdam After All

Mayor rejects law to ban use in coffee shops

(Newser) - Vice-seeking tourists won't have to give up on pilgrimages to Amsterdam for weed: The city is ditching plans to bar tourists from smoking the stuff in the city's coffee shops. The Netherlands' incoming government left the decision to local authorities, and Amsterdam's mayor opposes it. Such a... More »

America's Next Magnates: The 'Pot Barons'

Marijuana sellers may be the next Mark Zuckerbergs

(Newser) - Pot sellers are goofy free spirits suited to the tie-dye culture of Venice Beach, right? Not 30 years from now, when they'll be "fatter, balder, and famously rich" tycoons in the vein of Steve Ballmer or Andrew Carnegie, writes Tony Dokoupil at the Daily Beast . He visited marijuana... More »

Drug Traffickers Love Oregon's Lenient Medical Marijuana Laws

'Oregonian' investigation: It's an easy way to make a lot of money

(Newser) - Medical marijuana became legal in Oregon 14 years ago, and since then it's become a booming source of profits for illicit traffickers, reports the Oregonian . The newspaper's investigation found that the traffickers easily exploit the pot program thanks to "scant state oversight and Oregon's exceptionally generous... More »

Bid to Repeal LA Pot Shop Ban Makes Ballot

Medical marijuana battle heads for referendum

(Newser) - Angelenos will be truckin' to the polls now that supporters of a bid to repeal the city's recent ban on medical marijuana dispensaries have gathered enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot. They collected 10% more than than the 27,425 valid John Hancocks they needed for... More »

Teens: Smoke Pot Now, See IQ Take Hit Later

Effect only apparent in those who used frequently before age 18

(Newser) - If you're going to smoke pot frequently, you might want to hold off until you're at least 18. A new study finds that teens who are regular marijuana users may end up with a long-term drop in their IQ—but the trend was only spotted in those who... More »

Israelis Invent Pot With No High

Medical marijuana users rejoice... if you want to stay sober

(Newser) - Mary Jane without the high? You can thank Israeli scientists, who have created a new form of marijuana that gives you health benefits without getting you stoned, AFP reports. "It has the same scent, shape and taste as the original plant—it's all the same—but the numbing... More »

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