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Even Mendocino Crumbling to Feds on Pot

County shutting down innovative sheriff-supervised grower program

(Newser) - The US county with one of the highest concentrations of pot farms—and tokers—is finally caving in to pressure from the feds. California officials in Mendocino County are snuffing out an innovative medical marijuana program that put pot growers under the supervision of the county sheriff. The program was... More »

California Pol Stumbles Onto Pot Farm, Gunned Down

Sheriff's Dept. seeks itinerant dope grower with criminal history

(Newser) - Northern California law officers are hunting a transient marijuana grower accused of gunning down a city councilman, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Mendocino County officials say that Fort Bragg councilman Jere Melo, working for a timber company, found suspect Aaron Bassler growing marijuana on company land. Bassler allegedly opened fire... More »

Pot Backlash Grows in Mendocino

Culture is changing in a way that locals don't like

(Newser) - Hey, man, things aren't so cool anymore with marijuana farming in Mendocino County. Sure, it was great for years while "steel-haired" California hippies tended their crops, but things are getting out of hand, reports the Washington Post. Little kids started coming to school reeking of pot, while outsiders, some... More »

3 Stories