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Vegan Baby Hospitalized, Taken From Parents

At 14 months, he weighed as much as a typical 3-month-old

(Newser) - Veganism is on the rise in Italy, and while it's been shown to be the best diet for weight loss , a few babies who are also on a strict no-animal-products diet appear to be paying a price. A 14-month-old was rushed to a Milan hospital this month by his... More »

For Clean Arteries, Drink Coffee

S. Korean study links moderate consumption, cleaner arteries

(Newser) - Indulging in coffee may lower your risk for melanoma , make for awesome naps , and even help fend off retinal degeneration . Now there's another possible health benefit: According to a study published in the Heart journal, people who drank a moderate amount of coffee (three to five cups a day)... More »

Ditch the Extra Calcium, Vitamin D

Supplement sales have grown, but experts say they're not necessary

(Newser) - Doctors have been recommending vitamin D and calcium supplements for years. But it turns out, for most people, neither supplement is needed—and too much vitamin D could actually be harmful. A committee of experts determined that most people have enough vitamin D from their diets, sunshine, and other natural... More »

Calcium Pills Tied to Jump in Heart Attack Risk: Study

Supplements don't prevent fractures, either

(Newser) - Calcium supplements may make heart attacks more likely in older patients, a new study suggests. Researchers looking to confirm calcium supplements' ability to prevent bone fractures instead found the patients taking the supplements were 30% more likely to suffer a heart attack, the BBC reports. And it turns out the... More »

Eating Right: Some Unusual Suspects

Celery, seaweed could work wonders for your diet

(Newser) - The usual admonitions we hear at this time of year about eating right are probably going in one ear and out the other, so perhaps these unusual health-food suspects from Men’s Health will catch your attention as you prepare that New Year’s resolution.
  • Celery: Its phytochemicals are thought
... More »

Got Milk? Kids Who Eat More Dairy Live Longer

(Newser) - A new study suggests that children who eat more dairy products live longer lives, the BBC reports. Researchers followed up a 1930s study of childhood diets and found that those who had diets rich in milk, butter, and cheese had lower mortality rates from strokes and other causes. The children... More »

6 Stories