citrus greening disease

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Florida's Oranges Could Vanish

Over 6 years, citrus greening cost state $4.5B and 8K jobs

(Newser) - Florida's $9 billion citrus industry is under threat from a disease called citrus greening, and this year's harvest has been the hardest hit yet, with production down 10% from initial estimates. Greening, which causes citrus fruit to become bitter and fall off trees before it's ripe, is... More »

Disease Threatens Florida Oranges

Scientists search for solutions to citrus greening disease

(Newser) - Florida’s orange growers face a powerful adversary in a disease know by its shorthand of HLB that causes citrus trees to “green”—produce only sour, misshapen fruit, Scientific American reports. With every county in the state affected, the citrus industry has dedicated $10 million this year alone... More »

2 Stories