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What May Vanish From the Arctic by 2030

Scientists: There could be no more summer ice by then, thanks to climate change

(Newser) - Fancy an Arctic cruise? With climate change melting the planet's sea ice faster than ever, the globe's northern-most points could become a check on the well-traveled tourist's bucket list. That possibility is giving goose bumps to maritime experts who say safety measures are lacking. "It's... More »

To Catch Russia in Arctic, Obama Wants Icebreakers

In Alaska, president will underscore exploration opportunities we're missing

(Newser) - President Obama yesterday painted a nearly apocalyptic future for Alaska unless global warming is reined in, reports the AP , and today he's going to touch on the flip side of that: The melting Arctic also raises all kinds of exploration and commerce opportunities, and Obama will push for more... More »

US Joins in Antarctic Ship Rescue Effort

Coast Guard cutter to aid Russian, Chinese ships

(Newser) - First a Russian ship got trapped in Antarctic ice; then a Chinese ship got stuck trying to rescue it. Finally, passengers on the MV Akademik Shokalskiy were rescued late this week via helicopter while crew members remained. The saga continues amid concerns about the Chinese vessel : Now the US Coast... More »

52 Rescued From Stranded Antarctic Ship

Ship will now transport them to Tasmania

(Newser) - Help has finally arrived for 52 tourists and scientists who have been trapped on a ship stranded in Antarctic ice since Christmas Eve. A Chinese helicopter has ferried the adventurers in batches to the Aurora Australis ship that will bring them out out of Antarctic waters and to Tasmania by... More »

US, Canada Team Up to Explore Uncharted Arctic

(Newser) - Canada and the US are letting their Arctic rivalry thaw long enough to launch an exploration mission, the Globe & Mail reports. A pair of icebreakers—one from each country—will set off next week into uncharted waters, working in tandem to clear a path and map North America's... More »

5 Stories