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Scientists: Prayer Can Help Alcoholics Through Temptation

Small study uses brain scans to demonstrate changes after prayer vs. reading newspaper

(Newser) - Does prayer have the power to help recovering alcoholics squash temptation? A small new study out of the NYU Langone Medical Center finds that at least among 20 long-term Alcoholics Anonymous members who reported no cravings in the week leading up to the test, prayer reduced cravings that arose when... More »

To Lose Weight, Play Tetris?

The game reduces cravings by an average 20%, a study finds

(Newser) - Are food cravings growing your waistline? Don't fret: just play Tetris. In what might just be the best news you read all day, a new study published in Addictive Behaviors finds playing Tetris for just 3 minutes reduces cravings by an average 20%. And that doesn't just apply... More »

Drug Curbs Alcoholism—but Should Addicts Drink at All?

With drug, alcoholics still drink; abstinence is traditional model

(Newser) - More and more doctors are prescribing the anti-craving drug baclofen to alcoholics, and patients describe a “switch” that suddenly allows them to resist temptation—even as they keep drinking in moderation, Time reports. While some argue this can reduce harm—one drink is better than 10—the approach is... More »

3 Stories