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Pizza Delivery Arrives at Space Station

Astronauts' diet gets a little upgrade

(Newser) - Astronauts got a mouthwatering haul with Tuesday's Earth-to-space delivery—pizza and ice cream —when a commercial supply ship arrived at the International Space Station two days after launching from Virginia. Besides NASA equipment and experiments, the Orbital ATK capsule holds chocolate and vanilla ice cream for the six... More »

Scientists: Prayer Can Help Alcoholics Through Temptation

Small study uses brain scans to demonstrate changes after prayer vs. reading newspaper

(Newser) - Does prayer have the power to help recovering alcoholics squash temptation? A small new study out of the NYU Langone Medical Center finds that at least among 20 long-term Alcoholics Anonymous members who reported no cravings in the week leading up to the test, prayer reduced cravings that arose when... More »

To Lose Weight, Play Tetris?

The game reduces cravings by an average 20%, a study finds

(Newser) - Are food cravings growing your waistline? Don't fret: just play Tetris. In what might just be the best news you read all day, a new study published in Addictive Behaviors finds playing Tetris for just 3 minutes reduces cravings by an average 20%. And that doesn't just apply... More »

Drug Curbs Alcoholism—but Should Addicts Drink at All?

With drug, alcoholics still drink; abstinence is traditional model

(Newser) - More and more doctors are prescribing the anti-craving drug baclofen to alcoholics, and patients describe a “switch” that suddenly allows them to resist temptation—even as they keep drinking in moderation, Time reports. While some argue this can reduce harm—one drink is better than 10—the approach is... More »

4 Stories