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Osama's Cook Sentenced to 14 Years

But he'll serve less time under secret plea agreement

(Newser) - The guy who cooked for Osama bin Laden and drove him around occasionally should serve 14 years in prison, a US military tribunal decreed today. But in a confusing twist, Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al-Qosi will probably serve far less time because of a secret plea bargain he struck last month,... More »

Kim Jong Il's Fave Meal: Live Fish

Ex-cook says N. Korean leader's dinners were still moving

(Newser) - For a taste treat, North Korea’s leader prefers live fish with wines and brandies, the Sun reports. “He particularly enjoyed raw fish so fresh that he could start eating as its mouth is still gasping and the tail is still thrashing,” his former cook, who is writing... More »

3 Steps to a Perfect Steak

Pick good charcoal, time carefully, and jab with your thumb

(Newser) - Just in time for grilling season, Esquire serves up tips on making the perfect steak.
  1. Choose charcoal wisely: Hardwood charcoal burns hotter, which is great for the grill. You want to sear the meat, so wait until the flames have calmed before tossing in steaks.
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Don't Call Them Chefs

Culinary careers outside the kitchen are charming more and more foodies

(Newser) - Culinary school degrees are suddenly leading to careers outside the kitchen, reports the LA Times. In our food-obsessed culture, beer sommeliers, cheese affineurs (aging experts) culinary philanthropists and even food consultants for historical films are increasingly finding outlets for their unique talents. Specialists say their jobs beat working in restaurants,... More »

4 Stories