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Meet 2010's Political Dynasty Hopefuls

Reid, Paul, Biden heirs seek to join ranks of Bushes, Kennedys

(Newser) - The 2010 elections will see a big crop of political legacies trying to break into the family business. Children and grandchildren of prominent pols will appear on the ballot in gubernatorial, Senate, and House races across the country, trying to leverage their names into political dynasties, The Hill reports. Here... More »

8 Candidates Face Hurdle: They Worked for Bush

But some say they'll use their past to help their bids

(Newser) - Some eight Bush administration staffers are now seeking public office—and their fates will likely be tied to Americans’ perception of the previous president, the Hill reports. While they say they value their time in the White House, their work under W will probably hurt them, writes Reid Wilson. Still,... More »

2 Stories