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Improved Deficit Can't Last

US faces huge future budget crunch

(Newser) - The federal deficit is falling: The OMB yesterday predicted a $205 billion deficit for 2007, down from last year and half of what it was at the peak in 2004. But the fiscal good news is not likely to last, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The OMB also predicts the... More »

White House Budget Director Will Step Down

Surprise departure precedes expected battle over spending

(Newser) - The White House budget director will leave his post this summer after just over a year in office. Rob Portman departs the OMB at an awkward time, with Congress gearing up for a bruising fight over next year's federal budget. He enjoys bipartisan support that his successor, onetime Iowa congressman... More »

Swift Boater Gets Recess Appointment

Bush slips three controversial conservatives past Senate

(Newser) - President Bush doled out three major recess appointments yesterday to  conservatives Democrats found distasteful. Ambassador to Belgium went to Sam Fox, a top-tier donor to Republican causes including Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the 527 that sank John Kerry’s shot at the White House. More »

3 Stories