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Pot Arrests in US Outnumber Violent Crime Arrests

There's a drug arrest every 25 seconds

(Newser) - Law enforcement agencies made more arrests for marijuana possession last year than for all violent crimes combined, despite decriminalization and outright legalization in some states, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch and the ACLU. The report is harshly critical of drug policies that have 137,000 Americans... More »

$2 Police Drug Kit Sending Innocent People to Jail

Flawed test results lead to false arrests, criminal records

(Newser) - A joint investigation by ProPublica and the New York Times presents a troubling look at how "unknown tens of thousands" of Americans have their lives ruined by false drug arrests. The problem stems from a $2 drug-test kit used by police departments around the country. They've been around... More »

Japan Cops Jail American for Having Adderall

Carrie Russell was planning to teach English there

(Newser) - Carrie Russell apparently thought little of shipping her Adderall to Japan before moving there to teach English. But Japanese police saw it differently, arresting the 26-year-old American last month for allegedly smuggling illegal amphetamines into Japan, the Oregonian reports. "We're left in a state of disbelief," says... More »

Jackie Chan: I'm 'Ashamed' Over Son's Drug Arrest

Says Jaycee, 31, must 'accept the consequences'

(Newser) - Jackie Chan apologized to the public today, saying he's ashamed and saddened over his son's detention on drug charges in Beijing. "Regarding this issue with my son Jaycee, I feel very angry and very shocked. As a public figure, I'm very ashamed. As a father, I'... More »

Turns Out the 'Hallucinating' Lost Hiker Had Meth in Car

May have been high during $160K taxpayer-funded rescue

(Newser) - Hiker Nicolas Cendoya might be regretting those interviews he gave about having "lucid dreams, lucid hallucinations" while being lost for three days in a Southern California national forest last month. The 19-year-old and a friend were eventually rescued , but police have now arrested Cendoya for felony drug possession after... More »

Yosemite's Smokey Problem: Potheads

Drugs busts are 4 times as high as next closest national park

(Newser) - Ah, Yosemite: That iconic symbol of nature where generations of tourists have hiked, snapped pictures, camped, and ... smoked a lot of weed? As NBC Bay Area reports, drug busts at Yosemite are up 18% in the six years on the record books, and are four times as high as the... More »

Wire Actress Pleads Guilty to Heroin Charge

Snoop avoids jail time with plea deal

(Newser) - Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, best known for playing a drug-gang hit woman of the same name on The Wire, has pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute heroin. The 31-year-old actress was arrested along with dozens of others earlier this year after a federal-state wiretap of a Baltimore drug ring. She... More »

The Wire's 'Snoop' Busted in Baltimore Drug Raids

Along with 30 others; HBO actress has other arrests in her past

(Newser) - Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, best known for her role as a drug dealer's hitman on HBO’s The Wire, was arrested along with more than 30 others this morning during raids on a large heroin and marijuana operation in Baltimore. Police, DEA agents, and other officials carried out the pre-dawn... More »

Keith Richards' Kid Busted for Drugs, Graffiti

Theodora Richards, 25, arrested for writing on NYC convent wall: cops

(Newser) - Theodora Richards is in trouble with the law, although she's got a long way to go before she can match her dad's arrest record. The 25-year-old daughter of Keith Richards and Patti Hansen appeared in court in New York City yesterday on drug and graffiti charges, reports the BBC . The... More »

Cornell Student Arrested Holding $150K of Heroin

Senior had enough for 500 doses, say police

(Newser) - Another Ivy League drug bust : Police arrested a Cornell senior who they say happened to be in possession of $150,000 worth of heroin. Keri Blakinger, 26, was allegedly holding the cache—about 500 doses' worth—in a hotel parking lot in the Collegetown section of Ithaca when police arrived... More »

Cops: Woman Took 506 Pounds of Pot on Jet

She's arrested upon arrival in Ohio

(Newser) - A California woman traveling with a bodyguard on a private jet was arrested at an Ohio airport with 506 pounds of marijuana stashed in 13 suitcases, federal authorities said. Lisette Lee, the bodyguard, and two personal assistants were arrested Monday after the DEA got a tip that the 28-year-old woman... More »

Dude Busted for Growing Pot in TV

Georgia man's unorthodox planter gets discovered

(Newser) - Wednesday was not a good day for Warren English: First, sheriff’s deputies came to his Georgia home to evict him, then they found pot growing in his TV. Six plants, to be exact, growing out of the back of a hollowed-out big screen, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Needless to... More »

Gal Pal Busted for Smuggling Heroin to Cam Douglas

(Newser) - The girlfriend of Michael Douglas' elder son has been busted after trying to smuggle 19 glassine envelopes of heroin to her boyfriend, police told the New York Post. The drugs were hidden in a black bag carrying an electric toothbrush and delivered to Cameron Douglas, 30, at mother Diandra Douglas'... More »

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