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Stunts Worse Than Balloon Boy

Yes, Richard Heene is bad—but is he as bad as, say, Tonya Harding?

(Newser) - Right now the world is against balloon boy mastermind Richard Heene, but perhaps everyone will forgive and forget after revisiting five even worse publicity stunts, compiled by Brian Moylan for Gawker:
  • Lauren Cleri: On Fox reality show Moment of Truth, she admitted to cheating on her husband—and didn't even
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Crime Show Host Ordered Murders for Killer Ratings

Politician's crime show 'went as far as creating facts'

(Newser) - A Brazilian politician is suspected of commissioning killings to boost ratings for his crime show, the Guardian reports. Wallace Souza has asserted that the city of Manaus is crime-ridden; he’s suspected of ordering at least 5 deaths to make his case. The show “had an uncanny knack for... More »

2 Stories