Donald Berwick

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On Way Out, Medicare Boss Bashes 'Extreme' Waste

Donald Berwick says 20-30% of health care spending helps no one

(Newser) - Between 20% and 30% of all US health care spending is pure “waste,” according to departing Medicare and Medicaid chief Donald Berwick. “Much is done that does not help patients at all, and many physicians know it,” Berwick said in an interview with the New York ... More »

GOP Gunning for Obama Health Nominee

Blocking appointment is one way to re-open health care debate

(Newser) - Republicans have their knives out for Donald Berwick, President Obama's nominee to run Medicare and Medicaid. Berwick, a pediatrician and Harvard prof who runs a nonprofit aimed at cutting hospital errors, as well as costs, is a fan of Britain's single-payer health National Health Service, they note; he once declared... More »

Better Health Care Models Already Exist—in the US

Many areas are already putting patients before profits

(Newser) - If you know where to look, “better, safer, lower-cost care is within reach”—in the US, a quartet of health-policy superstars writes in the New York Times. The four doctors reviewed 306 government-defined regions of the country and found 74 that boasted low or declining Medicare costs and... More »

3 Stories