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Teen's Headache Turns Out to Be Bullet Fragment

Juanye Jones thought he was just grazed; apparently not

(Newser) - There was a shooting at Florida's Bethune-Cookman University Monday, and 19-year-old Juanye Jones thought he was grazed on the ear by a bullet. He didn't go to the hospital then, but changed his mind Wednesday night, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The Palm Beach Post explains that he had... More »

This Dress Is Breaking the Internet

People are deeply confused about what color it is

(Newser) - Is it white and gold—or blue and black? A picture of a dress uploaded to Tumblr has created what Gawker calls "an Internet schism that may never be healed," with the opposing sides unable to fathom each other's view of the dress. At BuzzFeed , the white... More »

Today's Internet Stars: 2 Fugitive Llamas

Pair in Arizona keep the masses amused

(Newser) - If you were wondering why the actor Lorenzo Lamas was trending on Twitter today, it all has to do with a pair of runaway llamas in suburban Phoenix. The two animals led police and civilians on a lunch-hour chase around the streets of Sun City before they were finally lassoed,... More »

KFC to Unveil Edible Coffee Cups in UK

No word yet on whether they're coming to US

(Newser) - UK customers who buy a cup of coffee at Kentucky Fried Chicken soon won't have to throw their cups away—they'll just eat them. The chain will be testing an edible cup in stores sometime this year, reports the Telegraph . As USA Today explains, the Scoff-ee Cup will... More »

Nutella Jar Blamed in House Fire

Investigators in London say empty jar caught sun's rays

(Newser) - London's firefighters say sun rays refracted by a Nutella jar likely caused a house fire. Investigators believe the glass jar—which had been emptied of the hazelnut spread—had been placed on a window sill and refracted sunlight, setting blinds alight. According to a statement posted by the brigade,... More »

NYPD's New Training Tool: Patrick Swayze Flick

'Be nice,' Swayze's 'Road House' character admonishes

(Newser) - The NYPD could learn a little something ... from Patrick Swayze? Amid rampant criticism , it seems the department has turned to an unlikely source to teach officers how they should behave. Sources tell the New York Post that during a mandatory three-day retraining course for 22,000 officers, instructors are showing... More »

Alleged Crime: Attempt to Bite Guy's Penis Off

Assault said to have followed an alcohol-fueled argument

(Newser) - In Tulsa, a man has narrowly avoided the brutal loss of a key appendage, KJRH reports. Amber Ellis, 32, and her boyfriend were feuding "about how needy she had become" last week after they had been drinking, according to a police report. At home afterward, they slept separately. The... More »

Angry Bride Marries Wedding Guest, Not Groom

She was upset his medical condition had been kept secret

(Newser) - The Times of India has an account of the strangest wedding you'll hear about in a while: When the groom had an epileptic fit during the ceremony and was taken to the hospital, the bride picked a new groom from among the guests and married him instead. The 23-year-old... More »

Beloved Clown Found in Sex Offender's Home

It disappeared from amusement park years ago

(Newser) - If you're not from Wichita, Kan., Louie the mechanical clown may seem a little creepy—but where he was discovered is a lot creepier. The life-size clown, who played the Wurlitzer organ at the city's now-closed Joyland amusement park for decades, was found this week in the home... More »

Family Buries Wrong Body After Crime Lab Mix-Up

Guy who was supposed to be buried is still at the lab

(Newser) - A coroner says a mix-up at the Georgia state crime lab led to a family burying the wrong body during a closed-casket funeral. Burke County Coroner Susan Salemi says the body of Johnny Morgan Lowe III was never returned to Augusta after an autopsy. Instead, Salemi says, another body—Louie... More »

Utah Woman: I've Caught the Most Bridal Bouquets

Jamie Jackson wants a world record, says 'I've hit little kids by accident'

(Newser) - A Utah woman says she has smashed the world record for catching bridal bouquets at weddings and now is seeking recognition for it. Salt Lake City's Jamie Jackson submitted an application Wednesday to Guinness World Records, saying she has caught 46 bouquets since 1996 and has the documentation to... More »

Google May Make a High-Tech Deodorant

Company patents wearable device that counteracts your smell

(Newser) - Google is considering what might be termed a digital deodorant. The company has obtained a patent for a device that would counteract your own BO and even keep you away from friends when you're at your smelliest, the New York Daily News reports. The "odor removing device,"... More »

No Joke: New Signs at Park Warn of Angry Owls

Oregon takes Rachel Maddow's suggestion to heart

(Newser) - MSNBC host Rachel Maddow inspired Oregon's capital to post new warning signs in a park where four runners reported attacks from an angry owl likely defending its nest against perceived threats. One jogger, a surgeon, said the owl hit him twice in Bush's Pasture Park in Salem, and... More »

Woman, 80, Has Florida Judge Cracking Up

Dolores Sheinis prefers 'Sweetheart' to 'Your Honor'

(Newser) - It's not everyone who could get away with calling the judge "sweetheart" in court, but 80-year-old Dolores Sheinis pulled it off with aplomb in Florida's Broward County. Sheinis was in court on charges of violating an injunction to stay away from her ex-husband—it's complicated; they'... More »

Teen Has Surgery to Reduce Size of Penis

It had become deformed and enlarged thanks to a medical condition

(Newser) - Yes, a Florida teenager has undergone what surgeons believe to be the first procedure to reduce the size of a penis, reports Medical Daily . But the 7-inch penis in question had a circumference of 10 inches prior to the surgery—due to a medical condition, not nature—and drew comparisons... More »

Teacher With Fear of Kids Loses Her Disability Case

Appeals court sides with school district

(Newser) - When someone with a phobia of children becomes a teacher, you just know it's going to end up in the courts somehow. Such is the case in Ohio, where Maria Waltherr-Willard has just lost an appeal in federal court over her disability claim. Education Week provides the background: Waltherr-Willard... More »

Robots Will Staff New Hotel in Japan

'Actroids' will carry your bags, clean up after you

(Newser) - If you prefer your vacations with a minimum of human interaction, you might try a hotel that's opening in Japan this summer. The Henn-na Hotel's human staff will number just 10, but that doesn't mean you won't get speedy service: Robots will be ready to help... More »

Parts of Wash., Ore. Covered in Mysterious Ash

Could be from a volcano thousands of miles away

(Newser) - Washington and Oregon residents have reported a mysterious ash covering parts of the region, describing it as "white stuff" and "milky rain," CNN reports. A statement from Walla Walla County Emergency Management yesterday said the ash is "more than likely from the Volcano Shiveluch," which... More »

Not a Good Idea: Publishing Jack White's Guac Recipe

OK, maybe it's not his recipe, but it was in his concert rider

(Newser) - You don't mess with Jack White's guacamole. White performed at the University of Oklahoma Monday, and campus newspaper the Oklahoma Daily published the details of his concert rider this week —the rider included, among other things, the exact recipe to be used for the guacamole White's... More »

Buddhists: Mummified Monk Is Just in Trance

Lama found in lotus position may not be dead, experts suggest

(Newser) - The 200-year-old Buddhist monk found still seated in the lotus position is not dead, but is rather in a rare spiritual state known as tukdam, Buddhism experts suggest. Dr. Barry Kerzin, a famous fellow monk who is also a physician to the Dalai Lama, tells the Siberian Times that monks... More »

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