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China Hospital Helps Guys Feel Pain of Childbirth

'Labor simulator' delivers the agony

(Newser) - A hospital in China is giving men a unique way to share the experience of childbirth—specifically, the pain of childbirth—with women. Reuters reports that Aima maternity hospital offers sessions in which guys can have pads attached to their abdomen that deliver electric shocks in gradually increasing intensity over... More »

Source of Man's Headaches: Tapeworm in Brain

Tapeworm was in there for 4 years

(Newser) - A UK resident who suffered headaches and seizures for four years was ultimately handed an unusual explanation for his woes: There was a worm in his brain, reports the Guardian . Specifically, doctors removed a 1-centimeter-long tapeworm called Spirometra erinaceieuropaei. Based on scans taken over several years, the worm traveled about... More »

Venice Wants to Outlaw Your Rolling Suitcase

Tourists with wheeled suitcases could face $620 fine under proposal

(Newser) - You may need to ditch your rolling suitcase if you plan on visiting Venice in the future. Under a new proposal introduced yesterday, the Italian city would fine tourists caught with a suitcase on plastic or hard rubber wheels up to $620 beginning in May, the Local reports. Apparently the... More »

FSU Student: My Books Stopped Bullet

Jason Derfuss posts photos on Facebook

(Newser) - A good book can change your life, but a couple of well-placed ones can save it, apparently. A Florida State University student says the books in his backpack stopped a bullet last night during the campus shooting , reports the Tallahassee Democrat . In a Facebook post complete with photos, Jason Derfuss,... More »

Woman's Dog Peed All Over Lane Bryant: Cops

And reportedly ruined $2K worth of clothes

(Newser) - Fourteen dresses and 11 pairs of pants are now off the shelves (we're assuming) at a Lane Bryant in Toms River, NJ, after a woman entered the store on Monday and reportedly allowed her dog to freely answer nature's call wherever it saw fit. Police are now on... More »

Simpsons' Co-Creator Saves Ireland's Gay Bull

Benjy is headed to sanctuary in England after Sam Simon steps in

(Newser) - He faced execution for failure to perform. But Benjy, the gay bull of Ireland, has been saved following a worldwide appeal backed by The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon. Ireland's Animal Rights Action Network says Simon is helping pay for Benjy's transportation to an animal sanctuary in England. Simon,... More »

Cops: Guys Try to Steal Car With Detective in It

Well-thought-out plan does not succeed

(Newser) - It must have seemed like easy pickins: Police say two men in suburban Fort Worth spotted a car warming up outside a home early yesterday morning and tried to steal it. The first problem was that, unbeknownst to them because of the still-frosted windows, the owner was inside, reports Reuters... More »

Woman Tried to Burn Down Ex's House—With Bacon

And her last name is 'Crispi'

(Newser) - What a waste of bacon: A Utah woman angry at her ex-boyfriend admitted to police that she put a pound of bacon on a cookie sheet on top of his gas stove back in March, turned the burner on "high," and left it there—allegedly in an attempt... More »

Pop Quiz Goes Awry When Teacher Pulls Knife: Cops

Math teacher faces 2 felony charges

(Newser) - Teachers don't like it when students talk during exams—but one teacher in New Mexico apparently really doesn't like it. Police say Benjamin Nagurski was arrested Friday after allegedly pulling a knife as kids chatted during a pop quiz in his math class at Bernalillo Middle School, and... More »

8-Limbed 'God Baby' Draws Crowds in India

Birth defect causes pandemonium among believers

(Newser) - A baby boy born with four arms and four legs has been nicknamed "God Boy" and drawn thousands of excited people to the city of Baruipur in eastern India. The boy's family is overjoyed because the birth defect makes him resemble a Hindu god, according to the Daily ... More »

Guy Racks Up $1.2K In-Flight WiFi Bill


(Newser) - When Jeremy Gutsche signed up for a WiFi plan on a Singapore Airlines flight last week, he knew he was getting 30 megabytes for $28.99 and would be responsible for any additional data he used. What he apparently did not know was that by "checking email and uploading... More »

Airbus Wants to Patent Giant 'Flying Doughnut'

You'd enter through the 'doughnut hole'

(Newser) - If you were thinking of designing an aircraft shaped sort of like an enormous doughnut, we have some bad news for you: Airbus has already called it. The company has filed a patent application for a passenger aircraft in that very shape, the Financial Times reports. Why go for the... More »

Thailand: US Man Tried to Mail Baby's Skull to Vegas

Unnamed American hasn't been charged with any crime

(Newser) - Upon questioning, a US tourist told Thai police he'd made a gruesome purchase at a flea market: He claimed to have obtained a baby's skull, heart, and foot along with tattooed skin for $100, police say. The unnamed man allegedly tried to ship the body parts to the... More »

Meet the Man Who Hunts for Giants

Jim Vieira is looking for bone evidence

(Newser) - He may not have climbed any beanstalks, but Jim Vieira is hard at work attempting to track down giants. He believes that there may, at some point, have been a race of people who were more than seven feet tall, perhaps had two rows of teeth, and lived in America.... More »

Woman Wakes Up in Morgue After 11 Hours

Janina Kolkiewicz then warms up with a bowl of soup

(Newser) - Another in the grand tradition of people waking up from the not-so-dead: A 91-year-old woman in Poland startled morgue workers by moving around after what the BBC reports was 11 hours in "cold storage." A doctor had declared Janina Kolkiewicz dead after the woman's niece noticed that... More »

Man Trapped in Walls of Store for Days

He's OK after rescue in Colorado

(Newser) - Employees at a Marshalls store in Colorado swore they heard a voice coming from somewhere yesterday, but they couldn't quite find the source. Today it got a little louder, resulting in the rescue of a man trapped in a void between the store's interior and exterior walls, reports... More »

Did Brushing Up Against Plant Kill Gardener?

Family believes poisoning responsible for Nathan Greenaway's mysterious death

(Newser) - Nathan Greenaway collapsed at the English estate where he worked and was rushed to a hospital in September, where, for five days, doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with the 33-year-old. He died on Sept. 7 of multiple organ failure, and at a pre-inquest hearing this week, a... More »

Why One Woman Lived on Dog Food for 6 Days

Anne Kadet realized her dog's food would mesh with her Paleo diet

(Newser) - Paleo dieter Anne Kadet was getting tired of the high prices of meat and produce, so she found another source of nutrients—one that certainly wasn't made with her in mind. "I couldn’t help notice that my dog’s high-end kibble—like my paleo diet—is high... More »

Why You Should Never Use Wife's Urine for a Drug Test

Yes, because she might be pregnant

(Newser) - Two tales of men accused of trying to cheat drug and alcohol tests, neither of which ends well:
  • Congratulations: A bus driver in Egypt provided his wife's urine to avoid a drug test, which officials know because tests revealed it belonged to someone two months' pregnant, reports the BBC
... More »

Worker: My Playgirl Spread Cost Me My Job

But company denies he was forced out after posing nude

(Newser) - A company that helps businesses handle personnel issues denies it forced one if its employees out of his job after it was discovered he had posed nude in Playgirl magazine. Daniel Sawka filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in May 2013 against ADP Inc. alleging sexual harassment. The company responded... More »

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