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HOV-Lane Stop Leads to Kidnapping Bust

Police say Luis Moreno rolled down window to prove car had 3 occupants

(Newser) - Pro tip: If you're traveling in an SUV with two men you've allegedly kidnapped in the backseat, don't count them toward your HOV-lane total. A 26-year-old New Jersey man was arrested on Friday morning after a Port Authority officer saw what looked like an otherwise empty car... More »

Diver Caught in Whale 'Poonado'

Cloud of feces was 100 feet in diameter

(Newser) - As octopuses shoot out ink as a defense mechanism, so sperm whales blast threats with poop. At least that's the theory explained by a diver to the BBC . Keri Wilk and three fellow divers were engulfed in what he describes as a "poonado" let loose by one such... More »

You Can Sleep in Man's Tesla for $85 a Night

He lists it as a room on Airbnb

(Newser) - Want to drive a Tesla Model S but can't afford to buy one? Well, you're out of luck. But if you'd like to at least sleep in one of the $118,000 electric cars, you can do so for just $85 per night. That's because, as... More »

Smell of Cinnamon Can Make Us Buy Expensive Stuff

It makes us feel powerless, and that makes us want to spend: researchers

(Newser) - Shoppers, beware: Your nose could trick you into spending more than you'd planned to. That's according to a new study, which finds that fragrances linked to a feeling of warmth—cinnamon, for instance—can lead us to buy fancier items, Medical Daily reports. It's a little complicated:... More »

Second Nun Gives Birth in Italy

She was taken to hospital with stomach pains

(Newser) - Last year about this time, a Catholic nun in Italy went to the hospital with stomach pains and, much to her surprise, ended up delivering a baby boy . Different year, different nun, same result: This time, a 31-year-old sister in central Italy was taken to the hospital with severe stomach... More »

Cops: Kids Left Home Alone —for 4 Months

Parents say uncle was to watch them, he said all was fine

(Newser) - Kevin McCallister thought he had it bad. Twin 9-year-old boys were left mostly alone in their New Hampshire apartment for four months after their parents took three siblings to Nigeria and left an uncle to care for them, authorities say. Manchester police say the uncle, 25-year-old Giobari Atura, told... More »

German Judge Backs Men's Right to Pee Standing Up

Landlord went after tenant over floor damage

(Newser) - A German court has ruled that a tenant who liked to pee standing up doesn't owe his landlord money for damages apparently caused by missing his target. The Duesseldorf administrative court rejected the landlord's claim of $2,200 for damage to the bathroom's marble floor, the dpa... More »

Hermaphrodite Cat Getting Gender Assignment Surgery

Mittens will officially become male

(Newser) - Here's a sentence you probably never thought you'd read: Mittens, a hermaphroditic cat from Newfoundland, is getting gender assignment surgery. Colleen Clarke-Murphy's daughter brought the stray cat home, and when the family took it to the vet, they were told it has both male and female genitalia,... More »

Man Bulldozes Home While Wife Runs Errands

Surprise, honey!

(Newser) - Picture this: You've just stepped out of your New York home for a bit to run errands. You return to find the home completely demolished ... by your own husband. That's what happened to Diane Andryshak on Monday, News 12 reports. Her husband, James Rhein, 48, rented a bulldozer... More »

Shopper Opens Lowe's Cabinet, Is Bitten by Snake

Fortunately, it wasn't a venomous species

(Newser) - A shopper opening a cabinet at a Lowe's store got an unpleasant surprise: a bite on the head by a snake, WTVA reports. The snake jumped out of the cabinet at the store in Corinth, Miss., the local police chief says. The customer's condition isn't clear, but... More »

Man Has Suffered Persistent Deja Vu—Since 2007

Researchers think anxiety could be to blame in case of 23-year-old Brit

(Newser) - The Telegraph calls it "one of the strangest cases of déjà vu ever recorded in medical history": A 23-year-old British man can't lead a normal life because he feels he's "trapped in a time loop," as he describes it. When his episodes first started... More »

Jogger's Scalp Punctured by Owl

Ron Jaecks thought it was a mugger, or an aneurysm

(Newser) - Ron Jaecks thought he was being attacked by a person, or possibly that he was having a stroke or an aneurysm. But the truth turned out to be much stranger. The Oregon man was jogging in a local park around 5:15am Tuesday when his stocking cap was pulled off... More »

Parents Get Invoice After Boy Skips Birthday Party

UK mom says they should have to cover $24 cost

(Newser) - Alex Nash, 5, accepted an invitation to a friend's birthday party in December—and when the UK boy ended up skipping it because he also had plans with his grandparents, his parents got an invoice in the mail. Julie Lawrence, the birthday boy's mom, sent the bill for... More »

Man, 81, Cashes in 500 Lbs. of Pennies Worth ... Not a Lot

The grand total: $816

(Newser) - Save every penny you encounter over more than 60 years, and you could end up with 500 pounds' worth. But that lifetime of saving may be worth more in bragging rights than in financial gain. A Texas man has deposited his 81,600-penny collection, wowing bankers and earning him a... More »

Mom Reports Her Deadhead Son Went Missing—in 1995

It's complicated, but this might be answer to 'Grateful Doe' mystery

(Newser) - A woman in Myrtle Beach, SC, filed a missing person report this week over a teenage son who left 20 years ago, reports the Smoking Gun . Strange? Yes, but this might be the answer to the mystery of "Grateful Doe," an unidentified car-crash victim from 1995. Start here:... More »

Garbage Truck Scoops Up Man Looking for Wallet

Californian survives the trip

(Newser) - A man searching for his wallet in a trash bin in Northern California was scooped up by a garbage truck and taken on a long, presumably smelly, ride. The Oroville Mercury Register reports that the man survived the ride in the rear of a truck. Yolo County Sheriff's Lt.... More »

Missing Near Seattle: a Wallaby

Bella got loose during transfer to petting zoo

(Newser) - Seattle-area residents are being asked to keep an eye out for an unusual creature in that neck of the woods: a wallaby. The 6-year-old marsupial named Bella got out of her kennel while being transferred to a petting zoo in Arlington last Friday, then bolted for freedom across the highway... More »

Bette Midler: A Worm Crawled Out of My iPhone

No word on how it got in there

(Newser) - Today's Weird/Gross Celebrity Story comes to us courtesy of Bette Midler. It all started when her iPhone got wet, and, well, we'll just let her tweets from Tuesday tell the story:
  • 11:11am : "World gone mad. AND I dropped my phone in the toilet AGAIN!! I should
... More »

Glitter-Bomb Site Founder Wants to Quit

Surprise: After 24 hours, Mathew Carpenter is sick of glitter

(Newser) - The founder of the obscenity-filled would really like to stop shipping your enemies glitter. Yes, after an intense 24 hours that saw thousands of orders and a million people visit his website—which crashed under all the clicks, Fast Company reports—Australian Mathew Carpenter says he's ready... More »

Sheriff's Rug Typo: 'In Dog We Trust'

Sheriff in Pinellas County, Florida, will replace

(Newser) - Maybe the K-9 unit could use it? A new rug in the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office in Florida proudly proclaimed "In Dog We Trust," reports WFTS-TV . The best part is that the rug in the sheriff's administration building in Largo was in place for several weeks... More »

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