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Researchers Offer Remedy for Women's 'Orgasm Gap'

They think a 'golden trio' of techniques will help

(Newser) - Out of the many different types of people having sex out there, it seems that when it comes to reaching orgasm, straight women are at the bottom of the totem pole. Reporting in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior , researchers at the Kinsey Institute, Chapman University, and Indiana University found... More »

Because of Grindr, 2 Men Learn They Have HIV

Researchers posted 300K banner ads on Grindr in fall 2014

(Newser) - Researchers are pushing for banner ads that offer free HIV test kits to gay men on the dating and hookup site Grindr after a UCLA and Indiana University study. Results from the study, reported in the journal Sexual Health , suggest that greater access to free testing will improve rates of... More »

It's Outrageous That Gay Men Can't Donate Blood

Nightclub massacre casts spotlight on FDA rules

(Newser) - In the wake of the Pulse Orlando massacre, many in the LGBT community want to do something to help victims and to remember the dozens of lives lost at the LGBT nightclub—but for many of those looking to help, donating blood is not an option. Though the FDA recently... More »

What ISIS Does to Gay Men

Those guilty of sodomy are thrown off buildings, shot, or stoned

(Newser) - Islamic State militants track down gay people through the cellphone and Facebook contacts of their captives, then throw them from rooftops, the UN Security Council heard in a closed-door informal meeting yesterday—the first ever to address violence and discrimination against the LGBT community. "If a victim did not... More »

Critics: Glaring Problem With FDA's Blood Donation Plan

Those in relationships could still be unable to donate

(Newser) - In December, the FDA revealed it would be ending a lifetime ban on gay men who seek to donate blood, and today, the agency has released its proposal . The FDA will unveil its final guidance after 60 days of public comment, the Huffington Post reports. While gay rights advocates say... More »

Michael Sam: 'I'm Not the Only One' in the NFL

He tells Oprah Winfrey 'a very few' others thanked him for coming out

(Newser) - Michael Sam may be the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL, but he tells Oprah Winfrey in a new interview that he's not the only gay man in the league, the Washington Post reports. After he came out, Sam says in an interview airing on... More »

FDA Lifting Lifetime Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood

But there will still be restrictions

(Newser) - The FDA announced today that it will lift its lifetime ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men, the Los Angeles Times reports. Instead, men who have had sex with men will be allowed to donate blood one year after last having sexual contact with another man, the FDA... More »

WHO: All Gay Men Should Take Antiretroviral Drugs

A pill could cut HIV risk in gay men by up to 25%: WHO

(Newser) - HIV infections are "exploding" among gay men, according to the World Health Organization. In fact, the infection rates are so bad, the organization—for the first time—"strongly recommends men who have sex with men consider taking antiretroviral medicines as an additional method of preventing HIV infection,"... More »

Syphilis Makes Big Comeback

Cases nearly double in recent years, especially among men

(Newser) - Syphilis cases are rising sharply in the US, especially among gay and bisexual men, reports the CDC . The highest rates were among black men, but white and Hispanic men also saw noticeable increases, reports Reuters . From 2005 to 2013, the number of syphilis cases nearly doubled from 8,724 to... More »

Meningitis Kills 3 in LA County

Gay men at increased risk, medical director says

(Newser) - Three gay men in their late 20s have died from a bacterial meningitis in the Los Angeles area so far this year, with another five people having come down with the illness. Four of the cases involved gay men and three were HIV positive, the Los Angeles Times reports; two... More »

CDC Sees Big Spike in Unprotected Sex for Gay Men

Agency worried about potential rise in HIV infections

(Newser) - Lots of gay men in America are taking a dangerous leap of faith, says the CDC. The agency reports a big increase in the number of men having unprotected anal sex—from 48% of gay and bisexual males in 2005 to 57% last year, reports HealthDay News . What's more,... More »

AIDS Epidemic Rages Through the Deep South

Mississippi's treatment rate comparable to Ethiopia's: Lisa Biagiotti

(Newser) - You might think HIV/AIDS has been relegated to a Third World problem, but the virus is ravaging populations right here in the American South. Some 50% of new HIV cases occur in Dixie, which is home to more HIV-positive Americans than any other region and also has the country's... More »

Man Arrested in Grenada for Having Gay Sex

Law against homosexual acts remains on the books, but is rarely enforced

(Newser) - Police have arrested a man for having sex with another male on the eastern Caribbean island of Grenada, where a law against homosexual acts remains on the books but is rarely enforced. The 41-year-old man was charged with having sex with an unidentified 17-year-old man. The age of sexual consent... More »

Gay British Men Can Donate Blood, With One Catch...

...they have to have abstained from sex with other men for 10 years

(Newser) - In Britain, gay men will be allowed to donate blood for the first time, with just one catch: They can only donate if they haven’t had sex with another man in a decade. It was determined that the ban on gay men donating blood could be discriminatory, and the... More »

In AIDS Battle, US Victims Take Back Seat

Time to wake up to needs of at-risk Americans

(Newser) - This year has seen big advancements in the battle against AIDS, and the US has made “great progress” fighting the disease abroad, as George W. Bush noted in a World AIDS Day op-ed . But “why aren’t we more committed to end AIDS at home?” asks Cornelius Baker... More »

Homophobia Also Hurts Straight Guys

NYU professor: It results in stunted emotional growth for many men

(Newser) - The suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi shows well how homophobia preys on gay teens, writes NYU professor Jonathan Zimmerman. But often overlooked is the damage it inflicts on straight males—in fact on "our entire culture," he writes in the Christian Science Monitor . "Homophobia hurts all... More »

Dem Senators: Lift Ban on Gay Blood Donors

John Kerry leads group urging FDA to end 'discriminatory' policy

(Newser) - John Kerry and 17 other Senate Democrats are calling on the FDA to end the 27-year-old ban on blood donations by gay men. The policy barring any man who has had sex with another man since 1977 dates to the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. It “was once considered... More »

Being Terrific Uncles Helps Gays Keep Genes Going

Nieces, nephews then more likely to keep bloodline going

(Newser) - Gay men’s tendency to lavish love and attention on their nieces and nephews could be a key to keeping a “gay gene” alive, a study shows. Looking at male homosexuals in Samoa—where they’re considered their own gender, and therefore fully integrated into family life—scientists saw... More »

Coming Out Killed My Career: Everett

British actor says his sexuality precludes roles as leading man

(Newser) - Rupert Everett has long railed against what he sees as Hollywood’s prejudice against gay actors, and says coming out killed his chances of landing roles as leading man. “It just doesn’t work and you're going to hit a brick wall at some point,” Everett, 50, tells... More »

Accelerated Aging Tied to HIV/AIDS

Middle-aged sufferers have symptoms of HIV-negative 80-year-olds

(Newser) - The aging population of Americans with HIV/AIDS is in a much different spot than those infected before the drug cocktail was introduced in the mid-1990s. But new research reveals disturbing trends related to aging. The cause is likely either the disease or the medications, and the result is symptoms—from... More »

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