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Cops: Bangkok Bombing Was a 'Personal Feud'

Police don't elaborate, but a 28-year-old foreigner is in custody

(Newser) - A 28-year-old man believed to be one of possibly 10 or more people responsible for a deadly Aug. 17 bombing in Bangkok was arrested today, the BBC reports. According to the Guardian , 100 officers were involved in the arrest, which took place at a suburban apartment. CNN reports police found... More »

Cops Aim Sketch, $28K at Nabbing Bangkok Bomber

Thai police aren't convinced he acted alone, though

(Newser) - Thai law enforcement have released an arrest warrant, police sketch, and a hefty reward in their efforts to catch the bomber behind this week's deadly blast in Bangkok , the AP and ah report. Cops say the sketch released today, which shows a man with bushy dark hair and eyeglasses,... More »

Thai Police: This Is the Bangkok Bomber

No injuries as a 2nd bomb rattled a ferry pier in the city today

(Newser) - Thai police have released stills of security footage they say shows the man—wearing a yellow T-shirt—who set off the explosion in central Bangkok yesterday, killing 20 and injuring 140. "The yellow shirt guy is not just the suspect. He is the bomber," a police rep tells... More »

12 Dead, 78 Injured in Bangkok Bombing

At least one bomb went off in heart of city, near the Erawan Shrine

(Newser) - The area around a Thai shrine visited by thousands of Buddhists each day is now the site of "appalling carnage" after at least one bomb went off in the heart of Bangkok today around 7pm local time. The BBC and Telegraph report body parts littered the ground near the... More »

Thai Protests Turn Ugly, 4 Killed

Protesters allegedly opened fire; 1 cop among the dead

(Newser) - Four people were killed and 64 injured in Bangkok today when police tried to break up an anti-government protest around the prime minister's office, one of several buildings protesters have tried to shut down in their campaign of obstruction . Gunfire broke out as thousands of police clad in riot... More »

The World's Most-Visited City Is...

Hong Kong, followed by Singapore

(Newser) - When it comes to the world's most-visited cities, Asia has a clear lead: Of the top five, four are on the continent, according to a list published by the Telegraph and based on a Euromonitor International report. The number one most-visited city? Hong Kong, which saw 23,770,200... More »

US Warns Citizens as Protests Shut Down Bangkok

Protesters vow to topple elected government

(Newser) - Protesters aiming to topple Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and put democracy in Thailand on hold have shut down Bangkok by building barricades and blocking key road junctions. Some 18,000 security personnel have been deployed to maintain order and there have been no serious incidents so far, but there are... More »

Thai Protesters Storm Foreign Ministry

Demand resignation of PM Yingluck Shinawatra

(Newser) - Thai protesters, angry over a government they say remains controlled by an ousted leader, have stormed the country's foreign and finance ministry compounds. The demonstrations follow a protest yesterday in Bangkok that drew 150,000, making it the country's biggest in years, the AP reports. Today, singing and... More »

American Killed in Fight Over $1.60 Taxi Fare

Bangkok cabbie pulls machete after expat refuses to pay

(Newser) - One man is dead and another could face a death sentence after a dispute over a $1.60 taxi fare in Bangkok. Police say a taxi driver has confessed to killing American expat Troy Pilkington with a machete after he accused him of rigging his meter, threw a cup of... More »

700 Cops Guard US Embassy as Thais Protest

400 carry out peaceful demonstration

(Newser) - Protests over an anti-Islam film have spread to Thailand, where 700 police were ready at the US embassy in Bangkok. Some 400 people gathered peacefully; organizers had called for a peaceful demonstration on Facebook. Protesters held signs saying "Stop insulting our religion" as they chanted against the US and... More »

Smugglers Busted With Primates in Their Skivvies

Lorises headed to Dubai from Bangkok

(Newser) - Is that a slender loris in your pants, or are you just happy to see me? In this case, it was the former: Three United Arab Emirates men headed to Dubai from Bangkok were caught with small primates in their underwear. Two were carrying mammals called slender lorises, Sri Lanka... More »

Signs of Strain Between Burma's Leader, Suu Kyi

With Burma opening hinging on Suu Kyi, Thein Sein, observers worry

(Newser) - Burma opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi apparently did not woo many members of the ruling party with her comments in Bangkok last week, in which she cautioned that investors should avoid "reckless optimism" in regards to the country. An adviser to Burma's President U Thein Sein criticized... More »

Suu Kyi: Avoid 'Reckless Optimism'

Reflects on leaving Burma for first time in 24 years

(Newser) - There's hope for Burma, but it should be tempered with caution, said Aung San Suu Kyi during her first trip outside the country in 24 years. Speaking to the World Economic Forum in Bangkok, she called the optimism surrounding the recent changes seen in Burma "good," but... More »

Suu Kyi Leaving Burma on Historic Trip

President Thein Sein's reforms have obviously convinced her

(Newser) - Burma's most popular political activist is leaving her country for the first time in decades, a sure sign of confidence in the nation's fledgling steps toward democracy, Reuters reports. Aung San Suu Kyi plans to arrive in the Thai capital of Bangkok tomorrow to give a speech at... More »

Iranian Hit Squad Hid Bombs in Radios

Bangkok devices match those used in India, Georgia attacks

(Newser) - The suspected Iranian hit squad busted in Bangkok last week made cheap portable radios into bombs that they intended to use against Israeli targets, authorities say. Experts say the bombs are nearly identical to those attached to vehicles in attacks in India and the republic of Georgia , ABC reports. After... More »

Iranian Bomb Suspects Partied With Prostitutes

They spent two days at Thai 'sex resort,' say officials

(Newser) - Three Iranians suspected of plotting Bangkok bomb attacks on Israeli diplomats arranged to meet women as they planned their missions—and they weren't 72 virgins . They spent hours over two nights partying with prostitutes at a Thai beach resort in Pattaya, known for its sex industry, say authorities. One... More »

Iranian Man Blows Off Own Leg in Thai Bombing

Bangkok rocked by series of explosions

(Newser) - An Iranian man blew his own leg off in Bangkok today, as a series of explosions rocked the Thai capital, the New York Times reports. The first blast occurred in the house the man was renting in a residential neighborhood; witnesses say three men who appeared to be foreigners ran... More »

US Warns of Possible Terrorist Attack in Bangkok

Citizens urged to be cautious in tourist areas

(Newser) - US citizens visiting Thailand were warned today that terrorists may be planning attacks on tourist areas in Bangkok "in the near future," the Bangkok Post reports. A message from the US embassy urges citizens "to exercise caution when visiting public areas where large groups of Western tourists... More »

Flood Waters Converge on Downtown Bangkok

As government tries to come up with plans to prevent a repeat

(Newser) - Bangkok residents are growing increasingly restless as floodwaters continue to rise through city streets. Officials are trying to drain the waters through waterways in the city’s eastern and western areas, but that’s prompted protests from residents who say their homes are being sacrificed to protect ritzier downtown properties... More »

Bangkok Grapples With Floods

High waters close Don Muang airport

(Newser) - Bangkok is slowly being flooded by waters seeping into the Thai capital from the waterlogged center of the country on their way to the Gulf of Thailand. The flooding, the worst the city has seen in at least 70 years, has severed road and rail links and forced the government... More »

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