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Guilty Doctor Walks Free in 'Stolen Baby' Case

Ines Madrigal won her case, but couldn't get Eduardo Vela imprisoned

(Newser) - Fascism's shadow hung over Spain Monday as a former doctor was found guilty of stealing newborns for infertile couples—but still went unpunished, the BBC reports. A Madrid court ruled that gynecologist Eduardo Vela, 85, had taken newborn Ines Madrigal from her biological mother in 1969 and gave her... More »

Fascist Dictator to Be Exhumed

Spain's Socialist Party will have former dictator Francisco Franco removed from war memorial

(Newser) - Spain is taking a major step toward dealing with its fascist past by exhuming the body of former dictator Francisco Franco, the Guardian reports. Buried at a monument for the nation's civil-war dead near Madrid, Franco remains a magnet for fascist sympathizers who spread flowers on his grave—but... More »

US Secession Group Seeks Ties With Russia

The League of the South sees a future with Russia

(Newser) - Not everyone is hating the Russia thing : Certain neo-confederates are promising to post a Russian-language page to share ideas with Russians about "Southern nationalism," reports AL.com . Called League of the South, the Alabama-based group made its announcement only days after President Trump and Vladimir Putin met to... More »

Online Dictionary Pleads for Public's Help With 'Fascism'

That's Merriam-Webster's most-searched word of 2016, and it wants to change that

(Newser) - Merriam-Webster sent out a tweet this week subtly asking for help from the public in fixing the situation surrounding the lead contender for its "word of the year" honors. "'Fascism' is still our #1 lookup," it informed Twitter. "There's still time to look something... More »

Beneath a Roman Obelisk, Mussolini Left a Letter to the Future

1,200-word eulogy describes Mussolini as rescuing Italy with his 'superhuman insight'

(Newser) - Like most leaders with any sort of an ego, Benito Mussolini wanted to be remembered. But the Italian fascist wasn't leaving his legacy up to chance, according to researchers who say they've found a Latin text hidden under the Mussolini Obelisk in Rome that eulogizes his feats during... More »

Fascist's DNA Rebuilt From 'Love Hanky'

Gabriele d’Annunzio's DNA reconstructed in scientific first

(Newser) - Want to revive the DNA of a protofascist warrior poet? Just gather the man's semen from an old hanky gifted to a girlfriend and voila, you have the first DNA reconstructed without exhuming human remains. At least that's what forensic experts did in Italy with Gabriele d’Annunzio,... More »

Professor Uncovers Nazi-Tinged Atrocity in Brazil

Farm tied to fascists enslaved young boys

(Newser) - A Brazilian history professor has helped a former rancher uncover the secret history of his farm—and it's a dark one. It began with two odd discoveries: a broken wall in a pigsty that revealed each brick had a swastika imprinted on a long-hidden side, and a photo believed... More »

Whole Foods CEO 'Regrets' Calling ObamaCare 'Fascism'

John Mackey: I meant 'dictionary definition' of the word

(Newser) - John Mackey says he shouldn't have used the word "fascism" to refer to ObamaCare—but any dictionary would tell you he's technically right, he tells the Huffington Post . "I regret using that word now because it's got so much baggage attached to it," the... More »

Whole Foods CEO: ObamaCare Is Like Fascism

But ThinkProgress writer begs to differ with John Mackey

(Newser) - Thought Whole Foods founder John Mackey would be an Obama-loving liberal? Not so much. The self-described libertarian, who has compared ObamaCare to socialism in the past, now says "it's more like fascism." The quote comes from a new interview with NPR , and continues: "Socialism is where... More »

Mussolini iPhone App a Hit

iMussolini seizes control of Italian sales charts

(Newser) - An iPhone app that offers the full text of over 100 speeches from Benito Mussolini has been selling briskly in Italy. The iMussolini application has been downloaded over 1,000 times a day since its launch last week, and is in second place in popularity on the Italian version of... More »

British Intelligence Had Mussolini on WWI Payroll

Dictator-in-training got $9,500 a week to help convince Italians to keep fighting

(Newser) - Britain’s overseas intelligence service helped Benito Mussolini finance his first forays into Italian politics, newly uncovered documents show. Hoping to keep Italy on its side in 1917, during World War I, MI5 gave Mussolini, then 34 and editor of a right-wing newspaper, the equivalent of what’s now $9,... More »

If He's a Fascist, Then You're a Moron

Let's not belittle the actual victims of fascism: McArdle

(Newser) - Every few months, some hyped-up protester decides someone they don’t like is a fascist. It’s “beyond moronic,” writes Megan McArdle of the Atlantic, whether you’re talking about George W. Bush or Barack Obama. “The Bush administration did many bad things. But to call his... More »

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