George LeMieux

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Democrats Break Filibuster on Small-Business Bill

George Voinovich crosses the aisle

(Newser) - Republicans George Voinovich and George LeMieux crossed the aisle to help Senate Democrats break a Republican filibuster on their small-business aid bill. The bill will create a $30 billion credit fund to help banks lend to small businesses, and provide a variety of tax cuts, the AP reports. Republicans have... More »

Climate Bill's Best Hope? Drill, Baby, Drill

Kerry/Graham compromise could pick up 2-4 votes

(Newser) - The new climate bill introduced with some fanfare by John Kerry and Lindsey Graham actually has a fighting chance of getting through the Senate, thanks to its offshore drilling provision. Despite Democrats’ supermajority, cap-and-trade legislation probably only had between 52 and 55 votes before this. But this bill, which also... More »

Crist Names Aide to Senate

LeMieux is the Florida governor's former chief of staff

(Newser) - Florida Governor Charlie Crist has appointed his former campaign manager and chief of staff to fill the Senate seat of Mel Martinez, MSNBC reports. George LeMieux will represent the state until next year's election, when Crist himself will vie for the GOP nod. “George is bright, capable, and an... More »

3 Stories