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41 Years Later, Vietnam Arms Embargo Is History

Obama announces end of 'Cold War vestige'

(Newser) - American guns—and the US Peace Corps—may soon be making their way to Vietnam. President Obama, who's making his first visit to the country, announced on Monday that the decades-old US embargo will be completely lifted to give Vietnam "access to the equipment it needs to defend... More »

Why a N. Korea Company Renamed 93% of Its Ships

It's a bid to evade UN sanctions

(Newser) - A North Korean shipping company has renamed 13 of its 14 ships, and there's a devious reason why, according to a new UN report. Ocean Maritime Management was last year blacklisted by the UN Security Council following a 2013 discovery of two fighter jets (among other things) hidden under... More »

US, EU Ready to Step Up Aid to Syrian Rebels

But President Obama insists on keeping aid 'non-lethal' for now

(Newser) - The United States and several leading EU states appear poised to increase non-lethal aid to Syrian opposition groups, adding equipment such as body armor and night-vision goggles, reports the Wall Street Journal . Arms, however, remain off the table, as President Obama fears they could fall into the hands of al-Qaeda-affiliated... More »

Russians Hawk Jets to Syria Regime

Even as US senators propose tougher sanctions

(Newser) - Russia is so unconcerned with the international outcry against Syria that it has reached a deal to sell Bashar al-Assad's regime three dozen Yak-130 fighter jets, a Syrian business newspaper reported today. The twin-engined jet is capable of attacking ground targets, the AP reports. Experts say the contract, which... More »

France Admits Arming Libyans

Help for rebels technically violates UN arms embargo

(Newser) - France has violated the UN arms embargo on Libya to drop assault rifles over the Nafusa Mountains southwest of Tripoli, the country acknowledged last night. A French military spokesman said they’d provided “light arms such as assault rifles” to civilian communities so they could “protect themselves against... More »

UAE Seizes Ship Bringing N. Korean Arms to Iran

Shipment violates UN ban on weapons exports from Pyongyang

(Newser) - Authorities in the United Arab Emirates today seized a ship carrying weapons from North Korea to Iran, the Financial Times reports—a violation of United Nations resolutions barring Pyongyang from exporting arms. The shipment was headed for a company linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which has previously been banned... More »

6 Stories