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With Eye on Trump, Internet Will Be Backed Up in Canada

'Preparing for a Web that may face greater restrictions'

(Newser) - The US-based nonprofit Internet Archive, responsible for continuously archiving as much of the web as it can and perhaps best known for its 279 billion-web-page-strong Wayback Machine , is moving to Canada. Or, more precisely, expanding to Canada. The organization announced on its blog on Tuesday that it is raising money... More »

Jihadists' Reading List: Islam for Dummies

Which again shows that religion has little to do with this movement: Mehdi Hasan

(Newser) - Before two young men left Britain last year to wage jihad in Syria, they bought two books that speak volumes about the modern jihadist movement, writes Mehdi Hasan at the New Statesman . Yusuf Sarwar and Mohammed Ahmed, who recently pleaded guilty to terror charges, ordered Islam for Dummies and Koran ... More »

Meet the Hasidic Jew Behind Anti-Sharia Movement

David Yerushalmi has history of controversial statements

(Newser) - Laws banning Sharia law have been springing up around the US, with more than two dozen states considering legislation to ban Sharia or similar religious laws. But few people know that a major force behind this movement is a 56-year-old lawyer and Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn with a history of... More »

YouTube Pulls Awlaki Videos

UK, US governments urged site to remove 'hate speech'

(Newser) - YouTube has pulled hundreds of videos featuring Anwar al-Awlaki, in response to pressure from British officials and a letter from New York congressman Anthony Weiner. YouTube said the al-Qaeda cleric’s videos violated the site’s policies against “dangerous or illegal activities such as bomb-making, hate speech, and incitement... More »

Christians Stabbed, Beaten in Indonesia

Muslim hard-liners suspected of violence

(Newser) - Violence against Christians erupted in Indonesia yesterday, and the president—who has been criticized in the past for a failure to crack down on hard-line Muslim groups—called for immediate action and the arrest of those responsible. The Islamic Defenders Front is suspected of the attack on a worshiper and... More »

Guy Pepper-Sprays Westboro Group at Funeral

Target was extremist demonstrators: cops

(Newser) - Those appalled by the tactics of the Westboro Baptist Church have a new folk hero: An Omaha man yesterday drove by as the group protested the funeral of a Marine killed in Afghanistan, reached out his window and pepper-sprayed them. George Vogel, 62, faces 16 charges of misdemeanor assault, one... More »

Cleric Defends 'Boobquake' Sermon

God just doesn't bother with the heathen West, Iranian insists

(Newser) - Take notes, Iranians: Dressing immodestly really will cause earthquakes and bring God's wrath upon you—but only if you're from a pious place like Iran. If you live in the heathen West, God will just let you sin, and you'll go to hell. That's the bulletproof logic Iranian cleric Kazem... More »

Russia Bans Scientology Texts

Works of L. Ron Hubbard labeled 'extremist'

(Newser) - The works of L. Ron Hubbard are no longer welcome in Russia. Officials say they intercepted a shipment of books and recordings by the Scientology founder and decided that they should be banned as extremist literature that "undermines the traditional spiritual values of the citizens of the Russian Federation.... More »

Godlessness Hampers US Foreign Policy

Report says America ignores world religions at its own peril

(Newser) - President Obama needs to close the "God gap" in foreign policy, or the US will surely continue to feed religious extremism and undermine peace efforts around the world. So claims a report delivered to the White House yesterday, which warns that the "uncompromising Western secularism" of those at... More »

At Fort Hood, a Community Troubled by Missed Clues

Hasan left trail of descent toward violence

(Newser) - In retrospect, there were plenty of hints: On the morning of Nov. 5, Nidal Hasan gave away his groceries to one neighbor; left a phone message for another, saying, "Nice knowing you, friend"; and told another that Muslims will "do anything to be closer to God." He... More »

Terror Suspect Doubled as Friendly Coffee Vendor

(Newser) - When he pushed his family's coffee cart on the streets of New York, Najibullah Zazi greeted people with friendly hellos and made a point to remember how regulars liked their joe. Now, feds say he trained with al-Qaeda and planned a massive bomb attack on the same city. The New ... More »

Fringe Baptist Minister Is New American Taliban

(Newser) - The Rev. Steven Anderson—he's the Arizona preacher praying for the president's death—is positioning himself nicely to take up a new title, writes Jeffrey Weiss for Politics Daily: American Taliban. Anderson isn't a terrorist. But he is a "man with an absolute belief in a particular interpretation of... More »

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