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Tobey Maguire Sends Back Free Mercedes

Plus: five famous meat lovers

(Newser) - Tobey Maguire wasn’t happy with the luxurious Mercedes he was given to use while filming in Australia, so he sent it back—but not because he’s a spoiled Hollywood star. Rather, Maguire is a vegan and took issue with the car’s leather seats, Australia’s Daily Telegraph... More »

Crystal Renn: Why I Lost the Weight

To stay plus-size would have meant another eating disorder, model says

(Newser) - Pressure to be thin caused model Crystal Renn to develop an eating disorder early in her career—but after she became a plus-size model, she felt similar pressure not to get thin. Critics were flabbergasted when Renn, 24, shed some of her famous curves last year, but Renn says she’... More »

What Happened to Crystal Renn's Curves?

Agent reassures us she's not being unhealthy

(Newser) - Plus-size model Crystal Renn never looks “fat”—but tongues started wagging about her size after she walked in a recent Karl Lagerfeld Chanel show, looking, dare we say, skinny. But “she is not trying to lose weight at all,” her agent says. “She fluctuates between... More »

The Rise of the Plus-Size Model

Crystal Renn is the most successful, but others hope for more work

(Newser) - At 5 feet 9 and about 165 pounds, Crystal Renn doesn’t look plus-size in person—but she is the industry’s most successful plus-size model, and potentially the face of a new movement in fashion. “You’re not big,” said a surprised creative director when he met... More »

V Mag's Plus-Size Issue Just a Stunt

The better idea would be to incorporate the models into every issue

(Newser) - V magazine is the latest to jump on the plus-size models bandwagon, and it’s making news—but should it be? The New York Post —in the delicately-titled article “Heavy Changes”—broke news of the January issue, featuring models like Crystal Renn. But Amy Odell think this... More »

Plus-Size Model: Anorexia Felt Like 'the Flu Times 10'

Crystal Renn recalls battle back to good health

(Newser) - In her teens, Crystal Renn punished herself relentlessly in pursuit of her dream of becoming a model. After years of self-inflicted hell, the 5-foot-9, 165-pound Renn has found success by being herself—she is now the world's highest-paid plus-size model. Time chats with her:
  • On her introduction to modeling: "
... More »

Plus-Sized Model Renn: I Risked My Life To Be Thin

She finds success by scrapping the diet

(Newser) - Crystal Renn’s success as a model didn’t come when she reached her ideal weight after a grueling regimen. It arrived when she came to her senses after that regimen and decided to be a plus-size model at age 18. She was never going to “meet the weight... More »

7 Stories