People of Walmart

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2009's Funniest Blogs

Because what's funnier than hipsters and creepy Santas?

(Newser) - This was indeed a banner year for people wanting to waste time at work by looking at silly, random blogs. The Frisky lists 10 favorites that got popular in 2009:
  • Look At This F**king Hipster: If you can’t get enough of neon shirts, emo haircuts, and short-shorts, this site
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How Should Wal-Mart Handle Blog Ridicule? Ignore It

No right move on 'People of Walmart' pics of fashion misses

(Newser) - A wildly popular new blog mocks Wal-Mart and its customers, and encourages others to join in by uploading their own photos and comments. So what should the retail giant do? Nothing, writes BL Ochman in Advertising Age. The site—People of Walmart—isn't “likely to do lasting damage to... More »

2 Stories