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Archaeologists Uncover 'Buddha Post Hole' in Nepal

The site could be hundreds of years older than once thought

(Newser) - In the first major archaeological dig of the area since 1962, researchers say they think they've found a post hole from a wooden structure from which Buddha gave his first sermon in Nepal after attaining enlightenment. In the 1960s, Indian archaeologist Debala Mitra concluded that the ruins at Nigrodharam... More »

Study: Ancient Humans Made Giant Bird Go Extinct

The clue was in the eggs

(Newser) - About 50,000 years ago, giant megafauna—such as a "1,000-pound kangaroo" and "Volkswagen-sized tortoise"—roamed Australia, reports. Those animals started disappearing around the same time the first humans set foot in the area, likely after arriving aboard boats from Indonesia. Now, for the... More »

This May Be First Evidence of Hunter-Gatherer War

27 people killed in 10,000-year-old massacre in what is now Kenya

(Newser) - Scientists working on the shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya have uncovered a grisly scene : the bodies of 27 people, killed around 8,000BC. Experts say the spot, called Nataruk, may be the first to reveal evidence of a massacre—or perhaps even war—between two nomadic hunter-gatherer groups, one... More »

Cosmic Particles Could Hold Pyramid Clues

Team has collected muons inside Bent Pyramid

(Newser) - An international team of researchers said Sunday they will soon begin analyzing cosmic particles collected inside Egypt's Bent Pyramid to search for clues as to how it was built and learn more about the 4,600-year-old structure. The president of the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute says that plates planted... More »

Archaeologists Unearth Site of Unsolved 1826 Murder

Joe the Quilter was killed by multiple stab wounds at the age of 76

(Newser) - When renowned quilt maker Joe Hadley, who lived in a small cottage on the outskirts of Warden in the UK in 1826, was found brutally stabbed to death one cold January morning, the mystery captured a nation. The crime unsolved to this day, his story was retold in the Monthly ... More »

With ISIS Forced From Iraq, Old Bones Turn Up

More Neanderthal remains discovered in Shanidar Cave

(Newser) - Iraqis aren't the only ones relishing recent victories against ISIS . There are also archaeologists who have returned and made new discoveries at a key Neanderthal site in Iraqi Kurdistan, one they describe as having "iconic status in Palaeolithic archaeology." Shanidar Cave's status was established following 1950s... More »

Scientists May Be Close to Solving Ancient Inca Riddle

The 500-year-old khipus from Incahuasi were found with corresponding foods

(Newser) - When archaeologists unearthed nearly 30 "talking knots" at the archaeological complex of Incahuasi in Peru in 2014, the 500-year-old bounty was notable because the knots, called khipus, had only previously been documented in graves, reported Discovery at the time. This left scientists little to go on aside from the... More »

Irish Bones May Settle 'Archaeological Controversy'

What researchers learned from 4 sets of remains

(Newser) - It's a "long-standing archaeological controversy": whether the Irish shifted from hunter-gatherers to farmers because of adaptation or migration. A new DNA analysis of remains from several people, dating back thousands of years, may settle the question—as well as provide a better sense of where the Irish came... More »

Experts Stumped by Artifact Get Answer From Facebook

The 'Isis beamer' isn't as scary as it sounds

(Newser) - A mysterious gold-plated artifact that baffled the Israel Antiquities Authority for months was identified within hours after the experts turned to the public with a Facebook post . After suggestions that it was a rolling pin or a cattle insemination device, Italian man Micah Barak correctly identified the object found in... More »

Archaeologists Find Pieces of SF Before the Quake

Sewing machine parts are the newest find

(Newser) - Subway construction workers in San Francisco are becoming accustomed to working alongside archaeologists as they dig up layers of the city's past to make way for the $1.6 billion light rail line set to connect Chinatown with South of Market by 2019. And now those teams have unearthed... More »

How Popular Fish Sauce Sank an Ancient Ship

Romans poured fishy, salty garum on nearly every dish

(Newser) - A Roman ship apparently sank about 2,000 years ago while carrying a heavy load of ketchup—or at least the Roman version of ketchup. Italian archaeologists discovered the ship off the coast of Liguria in northern Italy, near Genoa, filled with clay jars containing a condiment once popular across... More »

Seal of Biblical-Era King Discovered

It's the first of its kind found by archaeologists

(Newser) - Archaeologists in Jerusalem say they've made a first-of-its kind discovery: the seal of an ancient Israelite king—one that may have been made by his own hand. Researchers digging in Old Jerusalem think the seal impression, or bulla, comes from King Hezekiah, who ruled in the 8th century BC,... More »

Passageway May Lead to Long-Sought Aztec Tomb

The cremated remains of 200 years of Aztec rulers have never been found

(Newser) - A Mexican archaeologist may have made a major breakthrough in the search for the remains of 200 years of Aztec rulers, the AP reports. Researchers believe the Aztecs cremated their leaders between 1325 and 1521, but despite years of searching their cremated remains have never been found. That may have... More »

Archaeologists on Hunt to Unearth Long-Buried Movie Set

Flights over desert helping in 'Ten Commandments' search

(Newser) - Thou shalt restore the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes to their natural state once filming wraps up. That’s the commandment given to movie director Cecil B. DeMille, who filmed his epic The Ten Commandments in the sand dunes on the Central California coast in the early 1920s, KCBX reports. Apparently, though, he... More »

New Discoveries Shine Light on Stonehenge

'The stone monument is iconic, but it’s only a little part of the whole thing'

(Newser) - The New York Times has an interesting roundup of recent discoveries made at and around Stonehenge that could shed new light on the famous monument and the people who built it nearly 5,000 years ago. Last month, archaeologists dug up an ancient house at an area called Blick Mead... More »

New Discovery Solves Centuries-Old Jewish Riddle

What archaeologists found under a parking lot is 'a dream come true'

(Newser) - More than 100 years of searching and 10 years of digging culminated in a find Jewish archaeologists are calling "a dream come true," LiveScience reports. The Greek ruler Antiochus IV Epiphanes—the "villain" of Hanukkah—built the Acra 2,000 years ago to exert control over Jerusalem,... More »

Possible Major Secret Found Inside King Tut's Tomb

Is this the final resting place of Nefertiti?

(Newser) - A team of archaeologists has taken a big step toward confirming a tantalizing theory about King Tut's tomb—one that might reveal the long-sought burial place of Queen Nefertiti. National Geographic reports that infrared scans of the tomb suggest the existence of a hidden chamber. " The preliminary analysis... More »

NASA Gives Best Look at Mysterious Geoglyphs

Some are absolutely massive and thousands of years old

(Newser) - Archaeology enthusiast Dmitriy Dey was watching a television program on pyramids when he decided such things should exist in his native Kazakhstan, as well. The New York Times reports he hopped onto Google Earth to look around a little and stumbled across what could prove to be the oldest earthworks... More »

Expedition Finds 'Ancient Shipwreck Capital of the World'

Archaeologists find 22 shipwrecks in less than two weeks

(Newser) - Teams from Greece and the US have made one of the biggest archaeological finds of the year, Discovery reports. While exploring Greece's Fourni archipelago, the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and RPM Nautical Foundation stumbled across what Smithsonian describes as an "artifact jackpot" and what Discovery says could... More »

Archaeologists Discover Tomb Stuffed With Riches

Inside: a 'griffin warrior'

(Newser) - Archaeologists have discovered a treasure trove in the undisturbed grave of a warrior who died some 3,500 years ago in Greece. Found in the ancient city of Pylos in May, the 5-foot-deep grave contained a bronze sword with an ivory hilt; a gold-hilted dagger; four gold rings; a gold... More »

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