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700-Year-Old Poop Found, Still Reeks

But hey, it's in 'excellent condition'

(Newser) - One of the biggest urban archaeological digs Denmark has ever seen has uncovered a lowly part of history. "We are talking about 700-year-old latrines. And yes, they still smell bad," an archaeologist explains. The team stumbled on what appears to be a 14th-century communal toilet area in the... More »

Egyptian Tomb May Contain Scribe's Many Wives

But it's missing mummies and an entire pyramid

(Newser) - A newly excavated Egyptian tomb contains fascinating art objects but lacks just a couple of things—like a mummy and the pyramid that once stood above it, LiveScience reports. Looted at least twice in antiquity, the 3,300-year-old tomb at Abydos still has a red sarcophagus painted with Egyptian Gods,... More »

Skeleton Yields Oldest Known Case of Cancer

Disease killed man 3.2K years ago

(Newser) - Scientists hope the skeleton of a very sick man from 3,200 years ago will give new clues to the evolution and causes of cancer. The remains found in an ancient Sudanese tomb bear traces of what is believed to be the oldest case of metastatic cancer ever found, reports... More »

Charred Remains May Rewrite Ancient History

Bronze Age find includes fur, possibly from extinct bear

(Newser) - A rare 4,000-year-old find may rewrite Bronze Age history and prove that ancient peoples were hipper than we thought, the Guardian reports. Archaeologists have dug up a box on a British moor that includes a small person's charred remains and many burial items—including 34 tin studs and... More »

Man's History With Cats Even Older Than Thought

New findings in Egypt age our relationship

(Newser) - Humans have been in a relationship with cats for far longer than previously known—some 5,700 years in fact, according to new research that predates the oldest feline finds in China . Most evidence has pointed to cat domestication in Egypt circa 1950 BC, but excavations at an ancient Egyptian... More »

Stonehenge Holds a 'Sonic Secret'

Some of its bluestones have acoustic properties

(Newser) - There are no shortage of theories about Stonehenge , but few are so melodious as this: A recent study carried out by the Royal College of Art in London suggests that the monument holds a "sonic secret." The researchers' theory surrounds Stonehenge's bluestones, some of which hail from... More »

Ancient Pompeii Is Collapsing

Parts of 2 structures crumbled over weekend

(Newser) - Pompeii's "perfectly preserved" streets were uncovered in 1748; centuries later, that perfect preservation no longer holds. A series of collapses have fouled the site in recent years, with officials confirming that an 11-foot-long stretch of tomb wall was found to have crumbled early yesterday, on the heels of... More »

1st Americans Took 'Break' for 10K Years

Settlers from Asia may have lived in Beringia, scientists say

(Newser) - Nothing like taking a break on a long trip—for, say, 10,000 years. That's how long the first human settlers stayed in Beringia—the region that once bridged Siberia and Alaska—before inhabiting North America about 15,000 years ago, according to a new scientific paper by University... More »

Mummy Mystery Solved: It Was Murder

Incan woman died from blunt force trauma 500 years ago

(Newser) - She's been known to German archaeologists for more than a century, but they only now know where a mysterious mummy came from—and how she died. The study in PLoS One explains that the mummified woman was brought to Bavaria in the 1900s. It's possible she was acquired... More »

Under the Baltic Sea, an Incredible Stone Age Find

Thanks to 'gyttja,' even rope has been preserved

(Newser) - Some 52 feet below the surface of the Baltic Sea sits what the media is calling "Sweden's Atlantis"—though that is just a bit of an overstatement. While it's not a lost island, or even a lost village, it's a site that holds "one-of-a-kind"... More »

Aztec Dog Graveyard Unearthed

First-of-its-kind find puzzles Mexico archeologists

(Newser) - Archeologists have been amazed to discover what may have been an ancient pet cemetery under an apartment building in Mexico City. The Aztecs believed the spirits of dogs could guide human souls to the afterlife or protect buildings, but this is the first time a group of dogs has been... More »

Ancient Viking Carving Yields ... a Love Note

PhD student deciphers mysterious codes from 12th and 13th centuries

(Newser) - A PhD student thinks he's deciphered a 900-year-old carving that has long puzzled experts—and it's basically a valentine. The carving appears to be based on a code that subs in numbers for runes and, when deciphered, reads "kiss me," Jonas Nordby from the University of... More »

Historic Find in Europe: Human Footprints 800K Years Old

Tracks in Britain are the oldest found outside Africa

(Newser) - Walking along a beach in Norfolk, England, last May, scientists spotted indents at low tide that had been washed clear of sand by a recent storm. They thought the marks might be animal prints, but on closer inspection discovered something much cooler: nearly million-year-old human footprints—the oldest ones ever... More »

Camel Bones Challenge the Bible's Timeline

Study: It was written much later than the events it describes

(Newser) - A set of bones—and not human ones, at that—is "challenging the Bible's historicity," say two Tel-Aviv University researchers. Dr. Erez Ben-Yosef and Dr. Lidar Sapir-Hen have carbon-dated the oldest known domesticated camel bones found in the southern Levant, where Israel sits, and what they discovered... More »

Scientists Have Likely Found Charlemagne's Skeleton

Researchers have been studying bones for 26 years

(Newser) - After 26 years of research, scientists finally announced last week that the bones interred at Charlemagne's supposed resting place at Aachen Cathedral probably do belong to the emperor, The Local reports. The German researchers say the 94 bones and bone fragments are from a tall, thin, older man, and... More »

4,600-Year-Old 'Mystery' Pyramid Excavated

Fallen structure may reveal ancient power shift in Egypt

(Newser) - Archaeologists have excavated a 4,600-year-old pyramid in southern Egypt that was hidden under a pile of sand, waste, and its own remains, and come to a simple conclusion: They don't know what it's for. They do know the Edfu pyramid once stood 43 feet high and was... More »

Oldest Roman Temple Unearthed ... for 3 Days

Likely dedicated to goddess Fortuna

(Newser) - Archaeologists digging in the heart of Rome unearthed what may be the oldest temple to be built in the Eternal City, but don't get your hopes up about visiting the ancient structure. Its foundation sits well below the water line and was only visible for three days. Archaeologists from... More »

Pottery Shard May Vindicate Bible: Scholar

Ancient 'Ophel inscription' could prove the story of King Solomon

(Newser) - An ancient pottery shard seems to support the Biblical story of King Solomon and shows he was running a pretty complex operation 3,000 years ago—at least according to one Israeli scholar. "We are dealing here with real kings, and the kingdom of David and Solomon was a... More »

Archaeologists Unearth Unknown Pharaoh in Egypt

Previously unknown Senebkay ruled about 1650BC

(Newser) - Scholars of ancient Egypt have a new pharaoh to study, thanks to archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Museum . Meet Woseribre Senebkay, who ruled from about 1650BC to 1600BC, reports LiveScience . The Penn researchers had to piece together his skeleton after eons of tomb robbers had their way... More »

Alfred the Great Bone Found ... in a Box?

Bone that could be his or his son's found in 1999 dig

(Newser) - Archaeologists may have uncovered a bone fragment belonging to Alfred the Great—in 1999. The English king, who ruled from 871 until his death in 899, made news last year when experts thought they had found his unmarked grave . Except the remains they found there turned out to be from... More »

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