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BofA's 'George Bailey' Axed

Bank clerk struggles to find help for customers hit by debt

(Newser) - Just in time for the holidays, a worker in Georgia who tried to get the same kind of help for bank customers that banks got from taxpayers has been fired—by Bank of America. Jackie Ramos, 23, fudged information on behalf of clients to help them qualify for credit repayment... More »

8 Days That Shook the Financial World

James Stewart on the week that Lehman failed, and meltdown loomed

(Newser) - James Stewart’s reconstruction of the 8 nail-biting days, a year ago, in which the federal government stepped in to stop the collapse of the world financial system—published in the New Yorker this week, just as Fed chief Ben Bernanke was declaring the recession officially over—makes riveting, tense... More »

2 Stories