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It's True: Oswald Did It

Marc Ambinder explains how he let go of the conspiracy theories

(Newser) - Marc Ambinder is a self-described "JFK assassination buff." "I've read just about every book ever published on the assassination, watched every documentary, mock trial, and dramatization," he confesses at The Week . So naturally, for a long time, he was a conspiracy theory believer—and, just... More »

Pakistan Constantly Moves Nukes in Unprotected Vans hide them from its American 'allies'

(Newser) - Pakistan works hard to protect its nuclear arsenal, but not from terrorists—from the US. In a huge Atlantic article provocatively titled “The Ally from Hell,” Jeffrey Goldberg and Marc Ambinder reveal that Pakistan is so afraid of a US move to steal or disable its arsenal—particularly... More »

Meet the GOP's 2016 Nominee

Why Joe Scarborough is the perfect man for the job

(Newser) - Joe Scarborough insists he’s not running for president. He says he’s perfectly happy as MSNBC’s morning host, where, he argues, he has more influence than your average senator. But there’s a “studio apartment industry of conservatives” who think Scarborough is the man Republicans will need... More »

McChrystal's a Bonehead

Pundits can't understand how the general let this happen

(Newser) - Stanley McChrystal’s Rolling Stone stunner has pundits baffled—no one can understand how he let this happen. Here’s what they’re saying:
  • Joe Klein of Time defends the “McChrystal I know” as “an extraordinary man” who, unfortunately, has no PR skills and is “incapable of
... More »

Obama Must Use 'Shame,' GOP's 'Sketchy Bladders'

Democrats should make GOP pay for being obstructionists

(Newser) - With bipartisanship dead and Republicans in love with the filibuster, Barack Obama has few weapons. Marc Ambinder surveys the landscape and comes up with a measly two—shame and the "sketchy bladders" of old white Republicans. First, Obama must "shame Republicans. Increase the costs of not doing business"... More »

Biggest US Error Was to Miss Yemen Threat

Seems we didn't know they were capable of launching terrorists

(Newser) - In all the news yesterday about US intelligence lapses, one "startling concession" stands out to Marc Ambinder: Security chief John Brennan admitted that the US didn't realize al-Qaeda's organization in Yemen—al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula—had "progressed to the point of actually launching individuals here." As... More »

Palin's 'Boycott Copenhagen' Op-Ed, Annotated

Ambinder parses ex-gov's 'Climategate' rhetoric

(Newser) - Sarah Palin says President Obama should boycott Copenhagen because the Climategate emails cast doubt on climate change—and Marc Ambinder in the Atlantic shoots back at Palin's Washington Post editorial line by line. His translations of her key points:
  • Palin: "radical environmental movement." Ambinder: "overwhelming scientific consensus.
... More »

Is Biden Really Less Popular Than Cheney?

Nope! Recent Gallup numbers don't give whole picture

(Newser) - The latest Gallup numbers look bad for Joe Biden. His approval rating has sunk to 42%, which seems to put him way below the 55% Al Gore averaged in his first year, and way, way below the 65% Cheney averaged in his. Say it ain’t so! “OK, it... More »

Beck Could Be 'Major' Factor in 2010 Vote

If he combines angry right-wingers with libertarians, look out

(Newser) - Don't look now, but Glenn Beck could turn out to be a big factor in the 2010 elections, writes Marc Ambinder. Beck is cooking up some kind of voter mobilization project, which is a "tricky proposition" given that "conservative talk radio audiences—and Fox News viewers—tend to... More »

Russia Shifts on Iran, But Why Remains Unclear

Did Obama convince Medvedev, or is it quid pro quo, Ambinder wonders

(Newser) - Has the US finally convinced Russia that reining in Iran is in both countries’ common interest? Or are indications today that Russia could support sanctions on the rogue nuclear program part of a quid-pro-quo arrangement that President Obama launched last week by shelving the Eastern European missile shield? Marc Ambinder... More »

Dropping Missile Shield Is Jab at Bush—Not US Allies

Obama & Co. see Russia, Iran threats differently

(Newser) - President Obama’s decision to shelve the missile shield for Eastern Europe is appeasement only to those obsessed with “legacy threats” like Russia, Marc Ambinder writes for the Atlantic. Obama believes the threat from Iran was overstated by President Bush, and that the shield technology wasn’t a sure... More »

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