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2 NY Teens Expelled Over Confederate Flag

Some parents see punishments as too harsh

(Newser) - You don't normally think of Long Island as a hotbed of Confederate sympathizers, but a Catholic high school there is expelling four students over two racially charged incidents, one involving the Confederate flag. On April 9, two male St. Anthony's High School students brought the flag to a... More »

Democratic Rep: 'Not All' in GOP Are Racist

But party has 'elements animated by racism': Steve Israel

(Newser) - Does Democratic Rep. Steve Israel think his "Republican colleagues are racist"? His reply to Candy Crowley's question on CNN yesterday: "Not all of them, no. Of course not," said the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. But "to a significant extent, the Republican... More »

Is the GOP Prone to Racist Dog Whistling?

Debate rages around Paul Ryan's comments

(Newser) - Paul Ryan knew exactly what he was doing in a radio interview last week when he said that the US had a "tailspin of culture in our inner cities in particular of men not working, and just generations of men not even thinking about working," Paul Krugman argues... More »

What Louis Armstrong Really Thought About Race

Jazz giant had on-off affair with the Civil Rights movement

(Newser) - People still love Louis Armstrong's music and warm, colorful personality, but we forget about his mixed record during the Civil Rights years—when one critic slammed him as a "racial cop-out." There's something to it: He sang for white audiences in movies (with Barbra Streisand, no... More »

Stop Using This 'Ugly' 4-Letter Word

Danielle Cadet argues that the word 'rant' invalidates important arguments

(Newser) - There's an "ugly" four-letter word that's repeatedly used in reference to black men, and it's about time we drop it. No, it's not thug . It's rant, writes Danielle Cadet for the Huffington Post . Why R-A-N-T? Simply put, it labels an argument "as unimportant... More »

Dear White People, 'Please Don't Shoot Me'

Eugene Robinson has to ask out of desperation

(Newser) - First George Zimmerman. Now Michael Dunn , who escaped a murder charge after killing a black teenager who was playing music loudly. The killing of black men in America doesn't seem to faze the nation, so Eugene Robinson is resorting to this plea: "Please don't shoot me,"... More »

FBI, Ole Miss Hunt Culprit Behind Noose on Statue

Confederate flag, racist slurs cited in attack

(Newser) - After a noose and a Confederate flag were found early Sunday on a statue of the University of Mississippi's first black student, James Meredith, Ole Miss is now looking for two men who, according to a witness, were shouting racial slurs while vandalizing the statue. The FBI is also... More »

Lawmakers to NFL: Change Redskins' Name, or Else

League faces threat to tax-exempt status

(Newser) - The Washington Redskins' name is facing a new attack, this time from two members of Congress. Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell, who heads the Indian Affairs Committee, tells the New York Times that if the NFL doesn't take action, legislators will "definitely" review the league's tax-exempt status. "... More »

Is Your Beard Racist?

Style's history is pretty tangled, writes Sean Trainor

(Newser) - These days, beards are big, in all senses of the word. But most of those wearing them probably have little idea of their troubled history in the US—one that is inextricably linked with racism and sexism, writes Sean Trainor in the Atlantic . For free black men in the early... More »

ASU Gives Frat the Boot Over Racist Party

Tau Kappa Epsilon now expelled from campus

(Newser) - It's official: Arizona State University has given Tau Kappa Epsilon the boot, expelling the fraternity after it hosted a racist party last weekend—apparently to "commemorate" Martin Luther King Jr. Day. ASU says the frat violated at least four school rules—including engaging in discriminatory activities—and has... More »

Richard Sherman: 'Thug' Just an Accepted Version of N-Word

Seattle Seahawks cornerback responds to interview controversy

(Newser) - Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman found himself the center of a storm of controversy after he gave a loud, emotional post-game interview/rant moments after his team beat the 49ers to make it to the Super Bowl. Many critics responded by calling Sherman a "thug" (the term was used an... More »

ASU Frat Suspended After Racist MLK Party

Civil rights leaders say Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter should be expelled

(Newser) - An Arizona State University fraternity that was already on probation has been suspended after a Martin Luther King Jr. Day party rife with racial stereotypes. Students wore basketball jerseys and what the Arizona Republic calls "stereotypical hip-hop clothes"; they posted on social media with hashtags like "blackoutformlk" and... More »

Why Victims of Racism May Age Faster

Researchers raise concerns about internalized bias

(Newser) - Racism may take a clear physical toll on victims, causing their cells to age faster, scientists have found. Researchers conducted a study on blood samples from 92 black men in the Bay Area, investigating their DNA. Specifically, the Pacific Standard reports, they looked at the length of chunks of genetic... More »

Racist Baby Slapper Gets Eight Months in Prison

It turns out Joe Rickey Hundley has a very sad story

(Newser) - A federal judge today sentenced a man to eight months in federal prison for slapping a toddler on an Atlanta-bound flight. Joe Rickey Hundley pleaded guilty to simple assault in October as part of a deal with prosecutors. He was accused of hitting a 19-month-old boy under his eye while... More »

Teacher to Kid: 'We Don't Need Another Black President'

Board: And we don't need a racist teacher

(Newser) - There are probably all kinds of great responses a teacher can make to a student who says he wants to grow up to be president. "We don't need another black president" would not be among them. A white teacher in Fairfield, Ohio, has been suspended without pay and... More »

Mormons Finally Explain Old Ban on Black Priests

Church officially disavows racist policy

(Newser) - Brigham Young is to blame for this one. The second president of the Mormon church decreed in 1852 that black men could not be priests, subscribing to a belief of the time that people of African descent were somehow spiritually inferior to white people, reports the Salt Lake Tribune . The... More »

Knockout Game 'Trend' Is Just a Racist Myth

Reports 'part of ongoing demonization of black teens': Robin Abcarian

(Newser) - Reports have been flying about a game called "Knockout," in which teens punch innocent passersby for fun. And conservative outlets are blasting the politically correct-minded mainstream media for neglecting to mention the supposed fact that African-American teens are behind the attacks, writes Robin Abcarian in the LA Times... More »

Racist Slurs End Mass. School's Football Season

3 games dropped following multiple incidents

(Newser) - A Massachusetts high school has canceled the remainder of its football season after a racist message was sprayed on a 13-year-old team member's home. "Knights don't need (the n-word)," said the graffiti, just one of several recent incidents. The FBI is investigating amid reports that Lunenberg... More »

High School Really Sorry About 'Trail of Tears' Taunt

Attempt to intimidate rival Alabama high school was dismal failure

(Newser) - A central Alabama high school's principal yesterday explained that the person tasked with approving all football banners is out on maternity leave. And so this is what happened at McAdory High School in McCalla on Friday in her absence: The cheerleading squad made a massive "bust-thru" sign designed... More »

NYPD Probing Attacks on Jews as Hate Crimes

8 incidents since Sept.; Rabbi suspects teen 'game' at play

(Newser) - A string of attacks on Jews in Brooklyn has the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force investigating; observers fear the violence could be part of a game of some kind. A 12-year-old boy wearing traditional clothing was knocked down after being punched "on the side of the face, full force,... More »

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