Mahmoud Mashhadani

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Bin Laden's Envoy in Iraq Captured

Leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq details foreign involvement in Baghdad

(Newser) - US Forces have captured a leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq they say was an envoy to central al-Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Khaled al-Mashhadani was captured on July 4th in Mosul, and is believed to be the most senior Iraqi in the organization which has been at... More »

Explosion Rocks Iraqi Parliament

Blast in Green Zone, killiing two MPs, comes hours after bridge attack

(Newser) - An explosion hit a restaurant inside the Iraqi parliament in Baghdad today, killing two members of parliament, wounding dozens and creating chaos in the capitol. The blast occurred when many MPs were having lunch, on a day when parliament was in session. The parliament building is deep within Baghdad's heavily... More »

2 Stories