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Protesters Give Ex-Ukraine PM Mixed Reaction

Yulia Tymoshenko tells them, 'You are all heroes!'

(Newser) - Ukrainian opposition icon and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko arrived today at a Kiev protest camp after being released from a hospital where she was incarcerated. "You are heroes, you are the best thing in Ukraine!" she said of those killed in the violence, looking tired and speaking... More »

Wait, 44% of GOPers Are Ready for an Armed Revolt?

David Sirota thinks poll reveals worrying trend

(Newser) - There's a pretty disturbing result in a new Fairleigh Dickinson University poll on gun violence out today: 44% of Republicans say they believe that "in the next few years an armed revolution might be necessary to protect our liberties." To be fair, Republicans aren't alone—27%... More »

Facebook, Twitter Hinder Revolutions

Deprived of the Internet, people get off their tushes and fight

(Newser) - Turns out Facebook and Twitter might actually be hurting revolutions. A political science grad student at Yale argues in a new essay that Egypt's former government quickened its downfall by cutting Internet and cell phone service in January. Instead of scrolling through messages and tweets about Lady Gaga, Egyptians... More »

Tunisia Fires Tear Gas at Protestors

'We need another revolution,' says one as reformers grow restless

(Newser) - Cops in Tunisia today fired tear gas and used truncheons to break up an assembly of protestors outside Interior Ministry headquarters in Tunis. The mob called for a shutdown of the caretaker government and vigorous prosecution of supporters of ex-president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, who was forced out of... More »

Tunisia's Revolution, as Told Via Twitter

Dissident Slim Amamou tweeted all the way through it

(Newser) - Historians looking to chronicle Tunisia's revolt should subscribe to Slim Amamou's Twitter feed. He went from dissident blogger, to imprisoned dissident blogger, to freed dissident blogger, to government minister in the space of a few weeks, chronicling every step of the way with tweets. It's no secret that social media... More »

Kyrgyzstan Unrest Bears Putin's Fingerprints

How about a stop to the meddling, pleads Simon Tisdall

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin’s “sardonic” acknowledgment of the interim regime in Kyrgyzstan yesterday is just another clue that the Russian government was involved in ousting president Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Simon Tisdall writes. It’s obvious: Putin essentially paid off Bakiyev to boot the US from a Kyrgyz air base, which ended... More »

'Hateboards' Signal GOP Fear-Monger Strategy

Republican strategy being 'field tested' on highways

(Newser) - For a likely preview of the GOP's upcoming fear-fueled political campaigns, look no further than the ominous billboards sprouting along the nation's highways, like the one portraying President Obama as "Saddam Hussein" out to kill American babies. The GOP strategy to exploit "visceral fear" to raise campaign funds... More »

Clashes Mark Iran Revolution Day

Security forces fire on activists: web site

(Newser) - Protesters clashed with security forces in Tehran today as hundreds of thousands of people mobbed the streets to mark Iran's Revolution Day, witnesses reported. Police fired bullets and teargas at supporters of opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi who were holding a rally in downtown Tehran, according to an activist website run... More »

Bomb Hits Athens Stock Exchange

(Newser) - A car bomb blast outside the Athens stock exchange damaged the building and injured a female pedestrian, the BBC reports. A second bomb detonated outside a government building in Thessaloniki, causing minor damage and no injuries. The blasts are suspected of being the work of Greek extremist group Revolutionary Struggle.... More »

This Bitch of a Life Offers Frank View of Fela Kuti

Biography pulls no punches in describing this powerful musician

(Newser) - Carlos Moore’s Fela: This Bitch of a Life, a newly re-released 1982 authorized biography, contains the usual makings of sociomusical hagiography: Fela’s stunning music, his uncompromising anticolonial message, and the many beatings and imprisonments he suffered as a result. But most readers likely already know the legend—what... More »

'He-Cession' Is Death Knell for Male Dominance

Recession has sped end of 'era of male dominance'

(Newser) - Macho men caused this recession, and they’re going to pay the price: for the first time in history, they’ll cease to be the dominant force in society, writes Reihan Salam in Foreign Policy. Signs of the turning tide can already be seen in the US, as male-dominated industries... More »

You Want a Revolution? There's a Cost

To get real change, people will have to vote with bodies, not ballots

(Newser) - When revolution came to Iran in 1979, it took thousands of people taking to the streets to finally break down the shah's authority. Now the revolutionary government has all that power and oil money, and the only way to elect a leader it doesn't approve of is with bodies, not... More »

10 Protests That Changed History

Iran's post-election storm has these precedents

(Newser) - The post-election storm brewing in Iran prompted LiveScience to round up some of history's most significant protests:
  • A piece of paper nailed to a church door in 1517 sparked the Protestant Revolution.
  • Parisians moved more boldly, beheading the Bastille's governor to spark the French Revolution in 1789.
  • The Boston Tea
... More »

Obama's Wrong: He Must Take Sides in Iran

He's deserting the brave revolutionaries: Krauthammer

(Newser) - Electoral fraud fueled the protests in Iran, but now there is a full-fledged revolution brewing—and according to Charles Krauthammer, the demonstrators are desperate for just one signal that the US supports them. Instead, President Obama has pledged "dialogue" with a "clerical dictator" and left the green revolutionaries... More »

Forget Tea Parties: Irate Brits Talking 'Bout a Revolution

Decades-long tensions come to the fore over latest scandal

(Newser) - Britain’s embattled politicians may have another revolution on their hands, but this time one that’s brewing on their own soil. Citizens are fuming over outrageous personal expenditures—including a miniature “duck house” and the clearing of a moat—by members of Parliament, but tensions have been simmering... More »

Young Burmese Monks Ready to Take Up Arms

Buddhist movement gets bolder; some suggest stockpiling weapons

(Newser) - After seeing nonviolent protesters killed or detained in last year’s protests against the ruling junta, younger segments of Burma’s Buddhist monks are becoming more radical, embracing armed resistance and overt dissent, the Christian Science Monitor reports. "We need weapons,” one young monk said. “That is... More »

Oscar Niemeyer Threw Life a Curve or Two

The Brazilian architect, famed for his spiraling designs, turns 100

(Newser) - Oscar Niemeyer turned 100 this weekend, but the famed Brazilian architect is still planning for the best years of his life: he’s still developing bold designs—including a museum that resembles a giant eye—starting a magazine, and he recently remarried. Niemeyer, who soared to fame in 1956 after... More »

American Scholar to See Release From Iranian Prison

Held on charges of plotting revolution

(Newser) - One of two Iranian-American scholars jailed in Iran on charges of conspiring with the US government to foment revolution will be freed from prison today if bail is posted. Held in Teheran’s infamous Evin prison since May, Haleh Esfandiari will be released on a $333,000 bail, the AP... More »

Russian Kids Spend Summer Goose-stepping

Youth movement an avatar of Putin propaganda

(Newser) - In a Soviet Era throwback, a new Russian youth group is said to be providing more than fun and games in its summer camp, the Weekly Standard reports. Nashi, Russian for “Ours,” is said to be an elite indoctrination program; while Russian officials liken it to the Boy... More »

Billionaire Plots New Russian Revolution

London emigre says he's bankrolling coup, conspiring with elites

(Newser) - An exiled Russian billionaire says he is bankrolling a coup to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin. Boris Berezovsky tells the Guardian: "It isn't possible to change this regime through democratic means. There can be no change without force, pressure." Asked if he is fomenting a revolution, he responds:... More »

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