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Cops: Man We Monitored Held Girl Captive for Months

Cody Jackson to face rape, kidnapping charges

(Newser) - The advantage of an electronic monitoring bracelet is that authorities can track a suspect's whereabouts. The downside: They can have no idea that a suspect might be holding a girl captive in his home while wearing it. That was allegedly the case in Norwood, Ohio: Cody Jackson, described as... More »

Cops: Men Killed Women While Wearing GPS Trackers

Calif. sex offenders were on parole during 4 murders

(Newser) - Two suspected serial killers in California were registered sex offenders and were probably wearing their court-ordered GPS devices during the slayings, police say. Franc Cano, 27, and Steven Dean Gordon, 45, are suspected of raping and murdering at least four women in Santa Ana and Anaheim, and police say they... More »

With 100K Ankle Bracelets, Alarms Often Unheard

GPS devices on offenders give 'false sense of security'

(Newser) - Ankle bracelets that let authorities track parolees and sex offenders released into the community are now being worn by more than 100,000 Americans, but what happens when the alarm sounds? All too often, the answer is nothing, an AP investigation finds. The devices are generating vast numbers of alerts—... More »

Nearly All Federal Agencies Monitor Workers' Computers

One monitoring program can track 'every activity, in complete detail'

(Newser) - Government leaks—Wiki and otherwise—have inspired heightened monitoring of federal workers' computers, and the practice has privacy advocates worried. Nearly every government branch electronically monitors its employees, according to industry insiders; one program frequently purchased by agencies promises to reveal "every activity, in complete detail." It can... More »

Check Out Polanski's Chalet—Er, Prison

Director awaiting extradition can throw parties, but can't leave

(Newser) - Security technicians put the final touches on the electronic monitoring system at Roman Polanski’s Swiss chalet ahead of the director’s arrival there under house arrest. Swiss officials say they await only the arrival of $4.5 million in bail, after which Polanski will be free to leave prison... More »

Polanski Could Go Free on $4.5M Bail

Director remains in jail pending appeal of Swiss court ruling

(Newser) - Roman Polanksi may soon be free to take a pricey vacation from jail to his Swiss chalet, with ankle bracelet. A Swiss court has agreed to free him on $4.5 million bail, the BBC reports, provided he surrender his passport and submit to electronic monitoring. He's still behind bars... More »

Ankle Monitors Get a Grip on Drunk Drivers

New technology lets cash-strapped PDs free up jail space

(Newser) - In the fight against drunk driving, cash-strapped municipalities are embracing cheaper penalties than the traditional—and expensive—jailhouse, and the ankle monitor has a high-tech addition: an alcohol sensor. Repeat offenders can skip probation and even rehab if they submit to sweat-analyzing remote surveillance. “We are at a point... More »

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