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18% of American Samoan Kids Battling Pink Eye

Massive outbreak of conjunctivitis keeps schools closed

(Newser) - American Samoa is in the midst of a massive outbreak ... of pink eye, the AP reports. Roughly 2,300 of the islands' 13,000 schoolkids have it, along with 130 teachers—some 30% of those in that profession there. And most schools have shut their doors. All public schools were... More »

Cops: Guards Let Inmates Go On Beer Runs

... at American Samoa's lone jail

(Newser) - Two corrections officers at American Samoa's only jail are suspected of letting inmates leave to go on beer and food runs. Officers Fiti Aina and Rocky Tua were charged this week with aiding the escape of a prisoner, permitting escape, and something called public servant acceding to corruption. The... More »

American Samoans Sue for US Citizenship

They say it should be automatic because they're in a US territory

(Newser) - Five people from American Samoa have filed a federal lawsuit arguing that they should be US citizens by virtue of being born in the US territory. The lawsuit filed this week in Washington challenges the constitutionality of federal laws that make those born in the Pacific archipelago US nationals but... More »

Romney Wins Hawaii, American Samoa

Pacific wins soften blow from the South

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has a double victory in the Pacific to soften the blow of Rick Santorum's dual wins in Alabama and Mississippi . He surfed to an easy win in Hawaii's Republican caucuses, taking 45% of the vote to Rick Santorum's 25%, and Ron Paul's 18%. Newt... More »

Samoa Tops List of Fattest Countries

Also, Samoa is a US territory, so...yay?

(Newser) - From Pacific islands to Eastern Europe, the world is fat. The cause is the same almost everywhere, Laurie Cunningham writes for Global Post : increased access to processed foods and sedentary lifestyles. The top victims of "globesity:"
  1. American Samoa: Percentage of population that's overweight: 93.5. The tiny Pacific
... More »

South Pacific Avoids Tsunami After Big Earthquakes

Warning issued after off Vanuatu, canceled after only small wave materializes

(Newser) - Tsunami warnings for a swath of the South Pacific—including American Samoa, Australia and New Zealand—issued after a pair of strong underwater earthquakes have been canceled after only a small wave materialized. Many residents had already moved to higher ground after the 7.8 and 7.1 temblors; American... More »

Fresh Quake Rattles Tonga

6.3 shaker jolts islands as relief efforts continue

(Newser) - The latest in a series of strong earthquakes to shake the South Pacific hit Tonga today. The epicenter of 6.3 magnitude quake was some 100 miles south of the 8.0 quake that hit the region earlier this week, spawning tsunamis that killed nearly 200 people and left thousands... More »

Indonesia Quake Toll Passes 1,000

Samoa tsunami cleanup effort begins in earnest

(Newser) - The death toll in Indonesia has reached 1,100 and is expected to keep rising. Rescue workers are scrambling to find earthquake survivors under trapped buildings, with "many hundreds more" injured or missing, says a top UN relief official. Rescue efforts have been hung up over a shortage of... More »

Samoa Tsunami Toll Hits 150

Villagers describe terror of being trapped underwater

(Newser) - Stunned Samoans combed through the sodden wreckage of their lives and told of the terror of being trapped underwater or flung inland by a tsunami that ravaged towns and killed at least 150 people in the South Pacific. Officials expect the death toll from Tuesday's disaster to rise as more... More »

Tsunami Toll Reaches 100, Obama Sends Disaster Aid

Second earthquake near Indonesia triggers new wave warnings

(Newser) - The death toll from the tsunami triggered by last night's 8.3-magnitude earthquake near Samoa has risen to more than 100, with fatalities reported across a number of islands. Barack Obama declared American Samoa a disaster area and has pledged "swift and aggressive" aid to the territory, where at... More »

Post-Quake Tsunami Kills 34 in Samoa

8.3-magnitude temblor rattles American Samoa

(Newser) - An 8.3-magnitude earthquake struck the area around American Samoa today, generating a tsunami that killed as many as 34 in the US territory and adjacent Samoa, an independent state. The waves at Pago Pago were 5.1 feet above normal—smaller than originally feared— but tsunami warnings went up... More »

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