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Trump Campaign's Cash: $1.29M, to Hillary's $42M

Clinton outraised him 9 to 1 in May

(Newser) - Donald Trump's campaign is so low on cash it wouldn't be considered a high roller at one of his casinos, according to financial disclosures released late Monday. The Trump campaign began June with just $1.29 million in cash, compared to $42 million for Hillary Clinton's well-heeled... More »

Clooney: Rid Politics of Big Money, So I Don't Have to Raise It

Actor raised 'obscene' amount of money for Hillary Clinton this weekend

(Newser) - George Clooney would like to get big money out of politics—so he doesn't have to raise it. As the AP reports, Clooney hosted two weekend fundraisers in California on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Donations for attendees at an event in San Francisco topped out at $353,000 per... More »

Campaign Emails Are the Worst of American Politics

They're deceitful, greedy, and they prove campaigns think we're stupid: John Dickerson

(Newser) - Anyone who's had the misfortune to end up on an email list from any political party knows the drill: Maybe a subject line of something like, "Hey," followed by an oh-so personal appeal from the president himself, or the House leader, or maybe Barbra Streisand, the sender... More »

Is This America's Most Republican Company?

Flowers Foods' giving more lopsided than the Koch Brothers'

(Newser) - Want to see a company that makes Koch Industries look bipartisan? Look no further than Flowers Foods. The Georgia-based maker of Wonder Bread has given 99.5% of its political contributions since 1979 to Republicans, Derek Willis at the New York Times points out, possibly the most lopsided total of... More »

IRS Targets Secret Campaign Cash

Administration looks to limit big-spending groups' political activity

(Newser) - The IRS and Treasury Department are looking to crack down on 501(c)4 groups—tax-exempt organizations that spent a reported $309 million in last year's election without having to reveal their donors. The groups (which the IRS code defines as promoting "the common good and general welfare") are... More »

As GOP Eyes 2014, Tea Partiers Sit on Wallets

Party sees 'total split': insider

(Newser) - The divide between the Republican establishment and the Tea Party is growing wider, analysts say. Case in point: Politico reports that eight of the 20 most ardent members of the House pro-shutdown faction haven't given a red cent to the National Republican Congressional Committee, though midterm election are looming.... More »

You've Never Heard of GOP's Biggest Money Machine

Freedom Partners spent $250M, and there are Kochs involved

(Newser) - The biggest single donor to conservative groups in the last election cycle was a group that, until today, was all but unknown. Freedom Partners spent $250 million in the 2012 race, according to a soon-to-be-filed tax document the group provided to Politico , more than any one group. All of that... More »

Dead People Have Donated $586K to Politicians

And some people want those donations to be unlimited

(Newser) - Last week, someone noticed that a super PAC loyal to Mitch McConnell had gotten a $100,000 contribution from GOP mega-donor Bob Perry on June 3, which seemed odd given that Perry died back on April 13. The PAC later said there had been a clerical error, and that it... More »

Supreme Court to Consider Campaign Donation Limits

Case challenges the limit on how much an individual can give

(Newser) - The Supreme Court will hear a challenge to a campaign finance law that limits how much an individual can give to political campaigns. The justices today decided to hear an appeal from Shaun McCutcheon of Alabama and the Republican National Committee. They're arguing that the "aggregate limit" is... More »

Zuckerberg's New Friend: Chris Christie

Facebook founder to hold fundraiser for New Jersey governor

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg will host a fundraiser for Chris Christie next month, in perhaps the Facebook founder's most overt display of his political leanings to date. Zuckerberg and Christie apparently hit it off when Zuckerberg donated $100 million to Newark's school system, USA Today reports. "They have maintained... More »

It Was Indeed a $2B Election

Obama outspent Romney in final days

(Newser) - The country's first $2 billion election is in the books. The fundraising reports have been filed with the Federal Election Commission, and here's the tally: Obama with $1.123 billion, to Romney's $1.019 billion. Politico and the AP break down the numbers:
  • There was a rash
... More »

Already? 2016 Hopefuls Buddy Up to Big Donors

Plus: Adelson donated way more than first reported

(Newser) - The race for giant 2016 campaign sugar daddies is on. Already, potential GOP presidential contenders Govs. Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, and Bob McDonnell have met with casino owner Sheldon Adelson , who spent big on Republican efforts this year. Meanwhile, Democrats Joe Biden, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, and Virginia Sen.... More »

Costliest Election Ever: $1B for Each Camp

Obama already hits mark, and Romney is just behind

(Newser) - By the time Election Day rolls around, both President Obama and Mitt Romney will have raised more than $1 billion—making this presidential race the costliest ever seen. Yesterday's financial disclosures reveal that as of Oct. 17, Obama and the Dems had raised $1.06 billion since the start... More »

New Poll: Romney Leads Obama 49%-47%

GOP ahead $46B in cash race

(Newser) - After an NBC poll found a tie at 47% yesterday, a Politico-George Washington University tracking poll today offers a different take on the presidential race that has Mitt Romney leading President Obama 49% to 47% nationally. It's the first time since early May that Romney has led in the... More »

At Long Last, Dems Giving to Super PACs

But they've got a long way to go to match GOP

(Newser) - After the Supreme Court paved the way for super PACs, many Democrats were uncomfortable with the idea of limitless political spending—but as Republican-backing groups rake in the cash, it seems reluctant Democrats are coming around. As of the beginning of September, more than 40 donors had given at least... More »

Obama: What Jay-Z and I Have in Common

President touts friendship with 'J and B' at fundraiser

(Newser) - At a fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce last night, President Obama noted that he and the rapper have a lot in common. What, they're both fans of 18-foot champagne towers ? Not exactly. "We both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are,"... More »

At Jay-Z's Obama Soiree: $280K Champagne Tower

350 of the $800 bottles are stacked in 'breathtaking' piece

(Newser) - President Obama will raise $4 million tonight in true "Big Pimpin'" fashion. Yes, Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé are hosting a New York fundraiser for the prez tonight, and it will feature a modest little 18-foot tower of champagne. Specifically, Armand de Brignac champagne, the $800-a-bottle, gold-labeled brand served... More »

Rahm 'Quits' as Obama Chair to Raise Cash

As reports indicate Romney has raised $100M again

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel is officially resigning his role as an honorary Obama campaign chairman so that he can kickstart a major fundraising initiative to win big-money contributions for Democrats around the country, the Washington Post reports. Emanuel was a renowned fundraiser before running for office, and was one of the first... More »

Romney's Cash Edge: $62M

Democrats raising less, spending more than Republicans

(Newser) - Mitt Romney widened his financial edge over President Obama last month, raising more and spending less as super PACs did much of his dirty work. The Obama campaign and DNC raised a combined $75 million in July, but spent $91 million, the New York Times reports. About $40 million of... More »

Ryan Not Exactly a Cash Cow for Romney

He may have inspired a lot of new donors, but they haven't given much: analysis

(Newser) - The Romney campaign would like you to believe that picking Paul Ryan as the VP candidate has resulted in a flurry of enthusiastic donations to his cause. The campaign today announced that Romney has raised $10,157,947 online since unveiling his running mate, Politico reports. But Alexander Abad-Santos writes... More »

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