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Health Industry Shakedown Imperils Reform

Obama must ignore lobbyists for insurers, doctors, drug makers

(Newser) - In dealing with pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and the AMA, President Obama should take a page from David Letterman's book and not fall prey to blackmail, writes former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Promises the administration made to those three constituencies in exchange for staying neutral or positive about health care reform... More »

Not Guilty Plea in Letterman Shakedown Scheme

Fellow CBS employee makes bond after bail set at $200K

(Newser) - A 48 Hours producer pleaded not guilty to attempted first-degree grand larceny today after allegedly trying to extort $2 million from David Letterman. The Late Night host was the target of an attempt to "destroy the reputation of Mr. Letterman and to submit him and his family to humiliation... More »

2 Stories