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Bush to Ask Congress to Take N. Korea off Terror List

In return, Pyongyang will permanently disable reactor

(Newser) - President Bush will ask Congress tomorrow to remove North Korea from the “terrorist watch list,” reports Steve Clemons in the Washington Note, a move meant to build confidence with Kim Jong-Il and China in the quest to bring the North back from its nuclear pariah status. In return,... More »

Bush Push for Musharraf Angers Pakistan

Media turns on US as Washington supports beleaguered president

(Newser) - His political future might be in doubt, but Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf is still receiving forceful backing from the Bush administration after his party's drubbing in parliamentary elections—and it's angering Pakistanis, reports the New York Times. "I’ve never seen such an irrational, impractical move on the part... More »

Waterboarding Returns to Spotlight

Ex-spy chief confirms use of tactic as Mukasey preps for Hill hearing

(Newser) - American interrogators' tactics included waterboarding sometime before 2005, but the tactic "has not been used in years," the ex-director of national intelligence says. John Negroponte's acknowledgment, the most definitive confirmation yet of the Bush administration's use of waterboarding, comes as Michael Mukasey prepares to return to Capitol Hill... More »

Pakistan Rebuffs US Demands

Alarmed US warns it will not recognize elections under emergency rule

(Newser) - Alarmed at the deteriorating crisis in Pakistan, the US has made it clear it will not  recognize the results of elections held under emergency rule. Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, on a special mission to Pakistan, failed to convince President Musharraf to free political prisoners, resign as army commander... More »

Musharraf Won't Budge for US

In further blow to power, president's political party calls for end to martial law

(Newser) - In a face-to-face meeting today with a top American diplomat, Pervez Musharraf remained tightlipped when pressed on when he would end emergency rule in Pakistan. Musharraf told John Negroponte he would cease martial law when security improves in the country, but his resistance is winning him few fans in Pakistan... More »

Pakistan Ends Bhutto Detention

Musharraf lifts house arrest, prepares for US diplomat

(Newser) - Benazir Bhutto has been released from house arrest and her detention orders withdrawn just hours before Pakistan's President Perzez Musharraf swears in an interim government of his choosing and a US diplomat arrives for talks, Reuters reports. "She is free to move wherever she likes," said a police... More »

Musharraf Says Edict Protects Elections

General reiterates refusal to lift emergency, jibes back at Bhutto

(Newser) - Pervez Musharraf defended his 10-day-old emergency rule today, rejecting the US demand to lift it quickly and saying the edict is meant to protect elections. In a Times interview, Pakistan’s president said, “I don’t know, I don’t know” when asked the duration of the suspension of... More »

Seoul Seeks Direct Talks With Taliban

South Korean delegation heads to DC to seek help in hostage crisis

(Newser) - South Korean delegates arrived in Afghanistan today to press for an end to the 2-week hostage crisis that has left two dead, Reuters reports. Seoul has asked for direct talks with the Taliban, which continues to hold 21 church workers, most of them women. But South Korea is powerless to... More »

Sudan OKs U.N. Peacekeepers

Sudanese government assents to international intervention

(Newser) - Sudan agreed to allow 3,000 U.N. peacekeepers into its devastated Darfur region yesterday, but American and British officials were quick to say that it's not enough to stem genocide. They're calling for a force of 17,000 to 20,000, as agreed to in a peace accord signed... More »

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