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Louisiana's Ex-Con Former Gov Running for Congress

Edwin Edwards, 86, will seek House seat

(Newser) - Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards has decided that neither age—nor his status as an ex-con—is a barrier to a run for Congress. The 86-year-old Democrat, who was released from federal prison in 2011 after serving eight years on fraud and racketeering charges, has entered the race for the... More »

One Conviction Shouldn't Ruin Your Life

Two professors decry laws that punish criminals indefinitely

(Newser) - In 2010, the Chicago Public School system decided not to hire Darrell Langdon, a single father of two, as a boiler-room engineer. Why? Because it found out he'd once been convicted of possessing a half-gram of cocaine—in 1985. Such stories are common these days, both because a whopping... More »

White House: Obama 'Condemns' Vick's Crime

But he believes in second chance for those who've 'paid for' crimes

(Newser) - Yes, President Obama did applaud the Philadelphia Eagles’ owner for giving Michael Vick a chance—but the White House is soothing any ruffled feathers by clarifying that he “condemns” the quarterback’s crimes, a spokesman tells the Huffington Post . Obama “does think that individuals who have paid for... More »

Obama: Good for Eagles for Taking Vick

President calls Philly's owner to chat

(Newser) - Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie got some pretty high praise the other day for taking a chance on Michael Vick: None other than President Obama called to thank him. "He said, 'So many people who serve time never get a fair second chance,'" Lurie tells the Washington Post... More »

At 'Felony Franks,' Ex-Cons Serve Dogs to Wary Populace

Chicago food stand under fire for name trumpeting workers' checkered pasts

(Newser) - A snarkily named hot dog stand has its up-and-coming Chicago neighborhood sizzling. Felony Franks employs ex-cons to sling hot dogs with names like the “Misdemeanor Wiener” and the “Cellmate” (two dogs). Step up to the bulletproof serving window and an employee will ask you to “plead your... More »

5 Stories