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Autistic Workers Find Niche in IT

US company takes cue from Danish firm and trains software testers

(Newser) - Inspired by a Danish company and the lack of employment opportunities for her son with Asperger’s, an Illinois woman has brought the trend of IT training for those with autism spectrum disorders to American shores. Aspiritech has trained 8 people so far to test computer programs, a skill many... More »

IT Firm Puts Autism to Work

Software tester finds niche for those with the disorder

(Newser) - A Danish entrepreneur—and father of a son with autism—has figured out a profitable way to serve the needs of blue chip companies and the underemployed members of the autism community. Thorkil Sonne’s company, Specialisterne, does repetitive software testing, turning its employees’ disability into an asset. “This... More »

2 Stories