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Texas Runaway Mistakenly Deported

Jakadrien Turner, now 15, still trapped in Colombia

(Newser) - A 14-year-old American runaway was mistakenly deported to Colombia by authorities in Texas months ago, and was only recently tracked down by a relative. The screw-up occurred when the girl gave a fake name that happened to match a 22-year-old illegal alien, and officials never bothered to confirm her identity,... More »

Alabama Now Has US' Harshest Immigration Law

Portions of it go into effect today after judge's ruling

(Newser) - Starting today, Alabama police will enforce what many are calling the US’ toughest immigration law. A federal judge upheld key aspects of the law yesterday, including allowing authorities to question and detain suspected illegal immigrants and requiring officials to check public school students’ immigration status. The governor says those portions... More »

Calif. Rep: Deport US-Born Kids of Illegals

'Takes more than walk across border'

(Newser) - A California lawmaker wants US-born children of illegal immigrants deported, he told a Tea Party rally. "It takes more than walking across the border to become an American citizen. It's in our souls," Republican Duncan Hunter said in San Diego. Deporting American kids of illegal citizens is "... More »

Arizona Passes Tough Illegal Immigration Act

Bill makes it a state crime to be in US illegally

(Newser) - Arizona lawmakers have passed the toughest state law against illegal immigration in the country. The measure—which critics say is wide open to constitutional challenges—makes it a crime to be in Arizona without proper immigration papers, and gives police the right to determine whether a person is legal even... More »

Target Blasted Over 'Illegal Alien' Costume

(Newser) - Target has apologized for an "illegal alien" Halloween costume that comes complete with green card and orange jail suit. The company is removing the costume from its website after Hispanic groups complained. "It's very disturbing," an official with the League of United Latin American Citizens tells... More »

5 Stories