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Man Allegedly Calls Police to Report Being 'Too High'

They found him surrounded by chips and cookies

(Newser) - Ohio police didn't need CSI to figure out what happened when they responded to an emergency call from an Austintown home last Friday evening to find a 22-year-old man curled in the fetal position on the floor "surrounded by a plethora of Doritos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, and Chips... More »

Pot Is Now Legal, Tax-Free in Oregon

Dispensaries opened doors at midnight

(Newser) - Oregon marijuana shops began selling marijuana Thursday for the first time to recreational users, marking a big day for the budding pot industry. Some of the more than 250 dispensaries that already offer medical marijuana in Oregon opened their doors soon after midnight—just moments after it became legal to... More »

Police Arrested 620K People for Pot Possession Last Year

That's an arrest every 51 seconds

(Newser) - Someone was arrested for marijuana possession every 51 seconds last year, according to the Huffington Post and new stats released by the FBI Monday. In 2014, there were more than 1.5 million arrests for drug-related offenses, and 40% of those were for simple marijuana possession, Vocativ reports. That's... More »

Marijuana Falls From Sky, Crushes Doghouse

Bundle that hit carport probably fell from plane

(Newser) - Maya Donnelly awoke to what sounded like thunder in the early morning hours, but she dismissed it as a typical monsoon storm and went back to sleep. Later that morning, she looked in the carport at her home in Nogales, Ariz., near the border with Mexico, and saw pieces of... More »

Snoop Dogg Launches Epic Weed Website

It's a sort of cannabis encyclopedia

(Newser) - Marijuana enthusiast Snoop Dogg launched a website yesterday, and of course it's all about weed. Merry Jane , which the rapper announced at TechCrunch Disrupt, is what TechCrunch describes as an "information hub" for all things pot; Snoop says it will be a sort of cannabis encyclopedia giving users... More »

Why Minnesota's Marijuana Patients Still Buy Illegally

Prices are sky high, patients say

(Newser) - Just two months after Minnesota launched its medical marijuana program , some patients turned off by high costs say they are back to buying the drug illegally because it's the only way they can afford it. State officials and the companies hired to make marijuana products trumpeted the program's... More »

Court: Ohio Must Rewrite 'Misleading' Pot Ballot

State Supreme Court takes issue with 4 paragraphs, allows 'monopoly' wording

(Newser) - Ohio's Supreme Court has sided with pot supporters—at least in part—ruling that language on a ballot outlining a proposal to legalize marijuana is misleading and needs to be rewritten. The measure to be decided Nov. 3, known as Issue 3, would legalize marijuana use and sales for... More »

Today's Tax-Free Pot Day in Colorado

Tokers can thank quirky state tax law for their good fortune

(Newser) - They knew this day was coming , and now it's here. It's tax-free cannabis day in Colorado, where due to a quirk in the state's tax law, buyers of recreational marijuana will be relieved of most taxes on their purchase, the AP reports. The one-day "holiday" means... More »

Smoke Pot 100 Times, and This Health Risk May Go Up

Researchers find link between marijuana use, prediabetes

(Newser) - Some potentially unsettling health news for pot smokers: A new study has identified a link between marijuana usage and blood sugar control issues later in life, though there are some caveats and question marks. A press release explains that American researchers arrived at their conclusion using data from the Coronary... More »

Scientists Make Pot Chemical Out of ... Yeast?

Genetically altered yeast could 'change the lives of millions': company CEO

(Newser) - Synthesized versions of tetrahydrocannabinol—that's THC, the active ingredient in marijuana— already exist in pill form and are used to treat nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss that often follows cancer treatments or appears in patients with AIDS. But a new process out of Germany could offer a less expensive,... More »

Colorado's Pot to Be Much Cheaper for One Day

Quirky state law is cutting out most taxes on marijuana on Sept. 16

(Newser) - Think of it as a back-to-school sales tax break, but for stoners. Colorado's unusual tax law is forcing the state to suspend taxes on recreational marijuana for one day—Sept. 16—during which a 10% sales tax and 15% excise tax won't be collected. The sales-tax break would... More »

How Dirty Socks Landed a Michigan Man in Jail

At least he didn't have a backpack full of weed

(Newser) - A man who tried to sell a backpack of dirty socks as marijuana has been sentenced to at least one year in a Michigan prison. Michael Suarez was sentenced yesterday for committing fraud through false pretenses. An unarmed robbery charge was dropped. Police say Suarez was pursuing a marijuana deal... More »

College Stoners Now More Common Than Smokers

Percentage of daily or near-daily pot smokers hits 35-year high

(Newser) - More US college students are making a habit of using marijuana, which has supplanted cigarettes as the smoke-able substance of choice among undergraduates who light up regularly, a study has found. Just under 6% of the full-time students surveyed by University of Michigan researchers reported using pot either every day... More »

He Was Handed Life in Prison for Pot; Now He's Free

Jeff Mizanskey: 'It's like a dream come true'

(Newser) - After 21 years behind bars, served as part of a life sentence for three marijuana convictions, one of Missouri's rarest inmates will finally walk out of prison. Jeff Mizanskey —sentenced to life without parole in 1994—will be greeted by family members as he leaves Jefferson City Correctional... More »

What Marijuana May Do to Sperm

Nothing good...

(Newser) - Smoking pot could damage your semen quality, or so suggests a new study out of Denmark. Some 1,215 Danish men ages 18 to 28 were asked about their drug use over the past three months and provided a semen sample. The researchers found a correlation between men who smoked... More »

Idaho Ditches Mile Marker '420' So Stoners Won't Steal It

Instead, drivers will pass marker 419.9

(Newser) - If you're looking for milepost 420, you won't find it in on a stretch of highway near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. State transportation officials say the mile marker on US Highway 95 has been replaced with one for 419.9—to curb thieves eager to own a number... More »

Texas Commune Sues After SWAT Raid Gone Very Wrong

You know the old lyric: You say tomato, police say illegal marijuana grow-op

(Newser) - A commune in Arlington, Texas, is suing the city two years after a no-knock SWAT raid resulted in handcuffed residents, an eight-hour search, and absolutely nothing illegal, specifically the guns and marijuana police believed were there, the Houston Chronicle reports. The lawsuit , filed by Garden of Eden residents last month,... More »

Another State Zeroes In on Legalizing Marijuana

Constitutional amendment will appear on November ballot

(Newser) - Ohio could become the fifth state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana after it was announced today that backers collected enough valid signatures to qualify for the Nov. 3 general election, Time reports. ResponsibleOhio , the organization behind the proposed constitutional amendment, collected 320,267 signatures, nearly 15,000 more... More »

Woman: Cops Did Forced Cavity Search in Parking Lot

Charnesia Corley says she didn't give consent for vaginal search

(Newser) - A 21-year-old Texas woman with no criminal record has accused Harris County cops of pulling her over for allegedly running a stop sign, claiming they smelled pot, then conducting a body cavity search on her in a gas station parking lot, the Guardian reports. "I feel like they sexually... More »

Stoned Driver Takes Selfie With Cop Who Arrested Him

Introducing the newly coined 'arrest selfie'

(Newser) - You're probably familiar with the selfie and even the groufie , but what about the "arrest selfie"? Jezebel reports Gilbert Phelps, 20, has surely started a new trend after snapping a photo with an Iowa cop who pulled him over for speeding. Officer Ben Hektoen says Phelps admitted... More »

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