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DC's New Pot Penalty: $25 Ticket

But penalties on federal land are harsher

(Newser) - Possessing a joint on the street outside the White House or in most other places in Washington, DC, is now punishable by a $25 ticket under a marijuana law that went into effect yesterday. The new law, one of the nation's loosest, treats possession of under an ounce of... More »

Yes, Pot Actually Can Make You Paranoid

Researchers find marijuana can also have other negative mental effects

(Newser) - There has long been a known association between marijuana and paranoia, but UK researchers wanted to find out if cannabis actually causes paranoia in some people—and the answer is a resounding yes, write researchers Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman in the Guardian . They studied 121 people who had taken... More »

Toker Fired After Legally Smoking Pot Has His Job Back

Agency says the incident with Michael Boyer was just a misunderstanding

(Newser) - Some parts of the story are still in dispute, but all parties seem to agree on one fact: Michael Boyer, the first man in Spokane, Wash., to legally purchase recreational marijuana on Tuesday, has his job back. According to NBC News , TrueBlue Labor Ready, Boyer's former (and once-again present)... More »

Berkeley to Dispensaries: Give Free Pot to the Poor

City council votes for 2% giveaway

(Newser) - It might sound like a slogan from the student radicals the city was famous for in the '60s, but Berkeley, Calif., really is giving free pot to the poor. The city council voted unanimously on Tuesday to order medical marijuana dispensaries to give at least 2% of their pot... More »

Legal Pot Hits Washington, With a Lot of 'Buts'

Sales expected to start tomorrow

(Newser) - Twenty months after Washington voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the first licenses for legal sales will be issued today, and sales will start tomorrow, as early as 8am. Seattle will have just one pot shop to start; Vancouver will have as many as three; Tacoma could have four.... More »

Texan Discovers $2M Pot Farm on His Land

Someone was secretly growing 5,500 marijuana plants

(Newser) - A Texas rancher noticing suspicious activity on a remote section of his property has discovered that he was housing more than just squatters. After calling the local sheriff for help on Tuesday, the two hiked three-quarters of a mile through dense woods to get to an area inaccessible by vehicle,... More »

Cops: Cuffed Woman Steals Her Pot Back, Eats It, Forgets Crumbs

Yes. Florida.

(Newser) - Tavish Smith was having quite the night by the time she landed in the back of the cop car: Florida police say she was driving her truck the wrong way down a highway, crashed it, continued on, then crashed again—all while allegedly more than a little tipsy. But as... More »

Schizophrenia, Pot Smoking Genetically Linked

Predisposition to illness may boost odds of drug use

(Newser) - The exact nature of the relationship between schizophrenia and cannabis still isn't clear to scientists, but a new study offers additional clues. Researchers studied genetic data on 2,082 people, about half of whom had used cannabis, Reuters reports; they focused on the number of schizophrenia-linked genes in the... More »

Albania Goes to War With Pot Farmers

Hundreds of cops descend on lawless village

(Newser) - There's a new war in the Balkans: Albanian police versus the farmers who have made the country Europe's biggest producer of illegal marijuana. After years of turning a blind eye to the trade that rakes in billions of dollars a year—almost half the country's GDP—hundreds... More »

Cops: 450-Pound Man Stashed Pot in Stomach Fat

Florida man was too big to wear seat belt

(Newser) - A Florida man's cunning plan to smuggle drugs in his ample stomach fat was foiled because he was too big to fasten his seat belt. Police say that after 450-pound suspect Christopher Mitchell—whose aliases include "Fat Boy" and "Biggie"—appeared nervous during a traffic stop,... More »

Feds Haul in $2M of Pot Dumped in Ocean

Smuggling boats took off for Mexico once spotted

(Newser) - Federal officials say nearly $2 million worth of marijuana that was tossed into the ocean from two suspected smuggling boats has been recovered about 160 miles off the coast of San Diego. A spokesman for US Customs and Border Protection tells the Union-Tribune that more than 130 bales of pot,... More »

Jamaica Loosens Ganja Laws

Possessing a spliff will no longer be a crime

(Newser) - Nearly 40 years after reggae great Peter Tosh sang "Legalize It," the Jamaican government is beginning to take his advice. Justice Minister Mark Golding has unveiled sweeping reforms to the country's drug laws, including allowing possession of up to two ounces of marijuana, known on the island... More »

Cops: Brother Hits Brother With ... Pot Plants

Things got a little heated in Florida

(Newser) - A Florida man has introduced the nation to a heretofore unrecognized danger of marijuana: its potential as a weapon. A 31-year-old in Polk County faces domestic assault charges after he allegedly pulled 3-foot-long pot plants out of the ground and bashed his brother in the face with them, reports WTSP... More »

Bad Radio Reception? Blame Pot Growers

Lights used in grow-ops are throwing interference

(Newser) - As marijuana operations proliferate, users of ham and AM radio frequencies are grumbling—if that makes any sense. Tom Thompson, 73, discovered the problem a few years ago when his ham radio chats with friends became harder to hear and he traced the issue to a local grow-op. With recreational... More »

Hershey Sues Pot Vendors: Stop Copying Us

No more 'Reefer's Peanut Butter Cups'?

(Newser) - Walk into a shop that sells legal marijuana, and you're likely to come across products such as "Reefer's Peanut Butter Cup" or "Mr. Dankbar." Get it? Hershey does, and it's not amused. The candy giant has sued marijuana cooperatives in Seattle and Colorado for... More »

Guide: I Totally Warned Dowd About Pot

'She got the warning,' asked him to roll her a joint, says My 420 Tours operator

(Newser) - One time, Maureen Dowd accidentally ate 16 times the recommended dose of pot candy and got so high in a Denver hotel room that she thought she "had died and no one was telling me." Dowd wrote about the experience in yesterday's parable/column on the growing pains... More »

Maureen Dowd Got So, So Stoned

Her 8 hours 'in hallucinatory state' underscore problems with Rocky Mountain highs

(Newser) - With Colorado's marijuana legalization effort still working through some bugs, Maureen Dowd decided to play investigative reporter, Cheech and Chong style. And what better way to do that than chowing on a marijuana candy bar in the name of journalism? Problem: The candy bar's packaging gave little indication... More »

'Weed Fairy' Gives Away Pot in Seattle

Woman leaves fliers with a small sample

(Newser) - Someone in Seattle is working to keep morale in the city high, literally. Yes, it's the self-named weed fairy. Yeni Sleidi is going around Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood posting fliers with her Twitter handle , a kind message, and a nugget of marijuana. And with pot now legal in... More »

How Teen Facing Life Over Pot Brownies Got Caught

Jacob Lavoro's neighbor smelled smoke and called police

(Newser) - The Texas teenager who is looking at a possible life sentence for whipping up a batch of pot- and hash-laced brownies got busted because his pregnant neighbor smelled smoke, reports KHOU-TV . The woman explains that she is five months' along, and she called police because the smell from the neighboring... More »

FBI Boss: Time to Hire Weed-Smoking Hackers?

Agency needs to recruit the best: director

(Newser) - The FBI needs top hackers to combat cybercrime, and many of those hackers are into marijuana, says the bureau's director. Right now, the FBI won't hire anyone who's smoked weed in the past three years, but it may be time for that to change, says James Comey,... More »

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