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Colorado 4th-Graders Busted Over Pot Sales

School will deal with it internally, without formal police charges

(Newser) - A pair of enterprising fourth-graders in Colorado got caught dealing marijuana pilfered from home at their elementary school, reports ABC News . Officials at the school in Greeley originally got police involved, but they've decided to handle it internally with suspensions and with a message to grown-ups: "For crying... More »

Colorado Lights It Up With (Legal) 4/20 Bash

Tens of thousands throng Denver for pot holiday

(Newser) - Potheads in Colorado aren't letting a little thing like the fact that The Man says it's OK deter them from lighting up a 4/20 weekend that's suddenly gone mainstream: As CNN reports, the Mile High City is throwing itself a party that by some estimates has attracted... More »

Whoopi Goldberg Lands Pro-Marijuana Column

She's writing for Denver Post's new site

(Newser) - Whoopi Goldberg: comedian, actress ... weed columnist? The celebrity has landed a new writing gig for a pro-marijuana website. Goldberg's column premiered today on the Cannabist , the Denver Post's website covering legalized marijuana in Colorado. (Read it in full here .) In her first piece, Goldberg writes about her... More »

Casual Pot Use Changes Young Brains

Abnormalities seen in 'parts you don't want to mess with'

(Newser) - Even casual use of marijuana could be messing up young people's brains at a time of life when they need to make major decisions, a new study finds. Researchers say that people aged 18 to 25 who used marijuana at least once a week were found to have abnormalities... More »

What Not to Do When Angry About Pot Dealer

Woman arrested after calling police to complain about quality

(Newser) - Two strange marijuana-related arrests from the police blotter:
  • Bad strategy: A woman in East Texas got herself arrested after she called police to complain that a dealer had sold her low-quality marijuana, reports the AP . Evelyn Hamilton spent $40 on the pot and says she called the cops when the
... More »

50% of States Have Now Loosened Their Pot Laws

Maryland will jump on the bandwagon with Gov. Martin O'Malley's signature

(Newser) - According to Pew research, at least 24 states have decriminalized marijuana, legalized it, or OKed its medical use (by this map , it looks like 26); Maryland looks poised to be the 18th in the decriminalization category, per the Baltimore Sun's count. With its approval by the state Senate yesterday,... More »

First Death Linked to Legal Colorado Weed

Teen jumped to his death after eating pot cookie

(Newser) - For the first time since Colorado legalized weed for recreational use, a coroner has listed "marijuana intoxication" as a contributor to a death. Wyoming student Levy Thamba was in Denver on spring break with three friends when he jumped to his death from a Holiday Inn balcony after eating... More »

Pothead Students Beat Out Kids Who Smoke Cigs

But those who abstain from both do best of all, says study

(Newser) - A little more ammo for the pro-marijuana crowd: A major study out of Canada finds that students who smoke pot do better in school than those who smoke tobacco or indulge in both, reports CTV . But, no, it's not about marijuana making kids smarter. In fact, kids who abstain... More »

Why Calif. Pot Farmers Open Fire on Scientists

In California, marijuana growers are damaging the environment

(Newser) - Think pot growers are kind, environmentally-minded hippies? Not in the so-called Emerald Triangle, a weed-farming region of California where illegal growers are spewing pollution, poisoning wildlife, and scaring scientists away from probing the environmental effects of pot-growing, Mother Jones reports. One wildlife ecologist received threats against his family, and researchers... More »

Colorado Court Reverses Some Pot Convictions

Defendants were in legal limbo after state legalized possession

(Newser) - Advocates of pot legalization have a little something extra to cheer about in Colorado. A state appeals court ruled that people who were appealing their possession convictions when Colorado voters legalized small amounts are in the clear, reports Reuters . It's not expected to affect a large number of cases,... More »

Colorado: We Made Millions Taxing Pot—in a Month

State hauls in $2M from marijuana taxes in January

(Newser) - Colorado made roughly $2 million in marijuana taxes in January, state revenue officials reported today in the world's first accounting of the recreational pot business. The tax total reported by the state Department of Revenue indicates $14.02 million worth of recreational pot was sold. The state collected roughly... More »

See Colorado's Marijuana DUI Ads

State hopes humor can sell safety

(Newser) - Colorado is worried that the legalization of marijuana will lead to an increase in stoned drivers on the roads, and it's unveiled a new ad campaign to guard against it, reports AP . The "Drive High, Get a DUI" campaign uses humor to get the point across, notes Ad... More »

DC's New Punishment for Pot Possession: $25 Fine

Mayor says he'll sign measure; advocates don't expect lawmakers to intervene

(Newser) - Unless federal officials intervene—a move advocates describe as unlikely—Washington, DC, will soon partially decriminalize marijuana. The city council voted 10-1 yesterday to nix jail time for possession of up to an ounce and smoking at home, instead imposing fines of just $25 for those offenses. That's a... More »

Calif. Gov: Stoners Will Be Our Downfall If Pot Is Legal

Jerry Brown says we won't be 'alert' enough

(Newser) - Jerry Brown thinks legalizing marijuana would put California and the rest of America at a competitive disadvantage, because we'd have too many stoners. Toward the end of a brief Meet the Press interview yesterday, the California governor was asked about Colorado and Washington's legalization moves. It was just... More »

Man Caught Growing Pot, Thanks to Own Home Alarm

It tripped one day and summoned police in Michigan

(Newser) - It's generally a fine idea to set up a secure alarm system at your house that alerts police at the first sign of trouble. Unless, of course, you happen to be growing marijuana illegally inside. Such is the fate of 53-year-old Marlon Gene Kelley of Muskegon, Mich., reports MLive... More »

Colorado Should Release Non-Violent Pot Offenders

Matt Ferner wonders why this isn't already happening

(Newser) - Earlier this week, a fake news story claiming that Colorado was releasing people imprisoned for pot crimes went viral. The story was meant as a joke—"but in all seriousness, why is this not happening?" writes Matt Ferner in the Huffington Post . A number of advocates have called for... More »

How Dangerous Is Driving Stoned?

Experts say fighting drunk driving should be priority

(Newser) - With marijuana now fully legal in two states and others set to follow , should authorities be cracking down on stoned driving? Experts say doing so could be tough, because standard field sobriety tests aren't very good at detecting tokers, and the outcome depends a lot on how used to... More »

Salvation Army Donation: Big Bag of Pot

Pennsylvania outlet working with police to find owner

(Newser) - How ... generous? An act of charity may end badly for one donor to a Pennsylvania Salvation Army outlet. Sugarcreek Borough police say they were called when workers found a large plastic bag of marijuana among some donated clothes earlier this week. Police Chief Matt Carlson tells the Oil City Derrick... More »

Feds Ease Up on Banks Dealing With Pot Businesses

But not all are convinced that new 'guidance' is sufficient

(Newser) - The Obama administration today gave banks a road map for doing business with legal marijuana sellers without getting into trouble, a step by the federal government toward enabling a legalized marijuana industry to operate in states that approve it. The guidance issued by the Justice Department and Treasury Department was... More »

Loosen Up Pot Restrictions—So We Can Study It

Much more data needed on medical effects of marijuana: Devinsky, Friedman

(Newser) - A story making the rounds on social media goes like this: A young girl's epileptic seizures went from hundreds a week down to just a few a month after her parents began treating her with marijuana. Her case prompted families of children with similar disorders to move to Colorado... More »

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