Stewart Nozette

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US Scientist Confesses to Attempted Espionage

Steven Nozette to serve 13 years for trying to sell secrets to Israel

(Newser) - Nearly two years after getting busted for trying to sell US technology secrets to Israel , a top American scientist has confessed to attempted espionage, reports the BBC . Stewart Nozette, who had high security clearances for years with NASA, the National Space Council, and the Department of Energy, will likely serve... More »

Top US Scientist Busted for Spying

Space researcher accused of trying to sell secrets to Israel

(Newser) - A leading American space scientist has been charged with attempted espionage after being busted in an FBI sting operation. Stewart Nozette, who worked on classified aerospace projects for agencies including NASA and the Department of Defense, was arrested when he attempted to pass secrets to an FBI agent posing as... More »

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