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Optimistic Women May Live Longer

They appear less likely to die from common illnesses

(Newser) - When asked about their secret to aging, the world's oldest people often bring up not sweating the small stuff . In fact, optimism is associated with greater personal happiness, but could it impart biological benefits as well? Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health suggest it's possible in... More »

Pessimistic? You Might Live Longer

Study cites dangers of being 'overly optimistic'

(Newser) - Here's a bit of a surprise: Pessimistic people actually appear to live longer than their sunnier peers, a study suggests. Researchers reviewed 40,000 subjects over a 10-year period and found that "being overly optimistic" was linked to "a greater risk of disability and death within the... More »

77% Think Washington Politics Do 'Serious Harm'

But slight majority is optimistic about future: poll

(Newser) - Most of America thinks the Washington political process is doing "serious harm" to our country, a USA Today/ Gallup poll finds. Some 77% say so, while just 19% disagree. Republicans feel slightly more strongly that Washington is doing harm, with 87% slamming DC politicians; 79% of independents and 68%... More »

Site Takes On World Champs of Pessimism: the French

Professor's evidence counters doomsayers

(Newser) - Can the Internet cure pessimism? A French professor hopes so, and is launching a site designed to battle the blues in France. It's aimed at "les declinologists," who fear that French culture and society are in their death throes. A poll early this year found the French to... More »

Glass Half-Full, or Half-Empty? Ask Your Genes

New link made between genes, risk of depression

(Newser) - Bad—or, potentially, good—news for pessimists: Some people's negative outlook on life appears to be caused by a genetic condition, according to a new study. Researchers found that people with low levels of the brain chemical NPY are likelier to be pessimistic, to deal poorly with stress, and to... More »

86% Say America Is Broken

But most still believe it can be fixed

(Newser) - A whopping 86% of Americans believe that their government is broken—an 8-point increase from 2006, according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey. But among that group, 81% say it can be fixed, while 5% say it’s beyond repair. The increase came mostly from higher-income earners and people in... More »

Adam Lambert Is What Ails America

Bad public behavior is behind pessimistic national mood

(Newser) - America's in a funk and it's partly Adam Lambert's fault, according to Peggy Noonan. Polls show that pessimism is the prevailing national mood and that's got as much to do with fears about the direction of this country's culture as it does to do with economy, Noonan writes in the... More »

US Glum on Economy —and GOP, Too

Republican Party lacks opposition bump usually accompanying hard times

(Newser) - Americans are bummed about the economy, but that hasn’t given Republicans the usual opposition party boost in Washington. “The mood in America may be blue, but attitudes toward Washington are just jet black,” a pollster tells the Wall Street Journal . Some 58% of respondents think the economy... More »

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