The Audacity to Win

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Hey, Barack: Yes, You Still Can

Plouffe book recalls a historic campaign that got lost in transition

(Newser) - 'Yes, we can" was the rallying cry of a game-changing campaign that swept Obama to victory on the shoulders of a grass-roots tidal wave one year ago—and President Obama would do well to remember Candidate Obama, writes Arianna Huffington in a lengthy look at David Plouffe's new campaign memoir.... More »

Bill Sank Hillary's VP Chances: Plouffe

Clinton was still in contention in June: new memoir

(Newser) - The Obama campaign seriously considered Hillary Clinton for vice president, but ultimately the perception that her husband was "too big a complication" combined with bad memories from the primary campaign to sink her chances. Barack Obama “said if his central criterion measured who could be the best VP,... More »

2 Stories